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Biltmore Proposal Session : J + B

Updated: Feb 17

woman reacting to her boyfriend proposing at the biltmore

Bryant recently proposed to Jess at The Biltmore this summer and it was such a sweet moment/session! As we always do, we touched base with Bryant prior to proposing about where to go, when to be there, and how to get there. If you’ve never visited the Biltmore before, it can be a little overwhelming the first time and it helps having a solid plan in place. When the time arrived, we saw him approaching with Jess right on time! As our anticipation built up, he ended up making a slightly premature left turn (uh oh!). Then it looked like he was coming back, and then we saw him around the corner. We’ve had people get nervous before so sometimes the plans can vary a little bit. No worries as we always try to take two different angles to cover the big moment from 2 perspectives. Shortly after getting in a couple of back and forths, he realized he was in the right place. From there, Bryant got down on one knee and everything went perfectly according to plan!

She said yes! You couldn’t help but smile at Jess’ sweet reaction to Bryant’s surprise proposal! After giving these cuties a few minutes to take it all in we moved around the estate for a little engagement session. With the reduced foot traffic due to everything going on, it felt like we had the place to ourselves which almost never happens on a Saturday, and by almost never, I mean never! Pathways were clear, the gardens were not crowded at all, and even the South Terrace barely had anyone around! Good timing and no complaints :) By far our favorite part of their session was capturing these two in the gardens! They were in full bloom and their vibrance was definitely on display. The colorful setting was the perfect match for their bright and joyful spirits. Bryant and Jess had so much chemistry on camera! They were totally lost in the moment as he made her laugh throughout the entire session (so cute!). From beginning to end these two absolutely rocked it around the Biltmore and we had a blast getting to connect with them for their engagement!

Big congrats to Bryant and Jess and as always, thank you all for following along!

couple smiling at each other in front of the biltmore estate
couple laughing as they hold each other close
woman laughing as her fiance tells her something in front of the biltmore
couple holding hands and walking through a tunnel at the biltmore
couple sitting together in front of flowers
couple laughing as they sit together in front of flowers
a man kissing his fiance on the temple surrounded by flowers
close up of a woman's ring as her fiance holds her
couple kissing while being framed by lattice
couple holding hands and standing side by side in a tunnel
couple laughing together as they stand side by side

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