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Planning your Biltmore Proposal!

Updated: Feb 17

woman crying as her boyfriend proposes to her in front of the biltmore

Time to pop the question? Look no further my friends! We are here to help guide you through the process of planning your surprise proposal at The Biltmore! When it comes to helping people plan for the big moment, we get all of the questions like:

  • Where would you recommend?

  • How do we get there?

  • Where should we park?

  • How do I get them to dress up without blowing my cover for a surprise?

  • How do I get in to the Biltmore?

There tends to be a few dozen questions that pop up for everyone so don’t fret, it’s totally normal. Below we are going to go through the most common questions and things to consider to help you effectively plan so you can knock it out of the park!

How do I get into The Biltmore?

One of the things people aren’t always aware of right off the bat, there is an admission fee to get into The Biltmore Estate. You can’t just drive up, hop out of your car, and propose. (There’s a few levels of security so don’t even try lol). There are two options, you can purchase a general admission ticket or a season pass. The single admission tickets are always going to be a little more affordable, but the season pass is definitely the best value if you plan on visiting a few times per year. The rates can vary by day and season so click here to find out the latest information on admission fees!

Pro Tip - To save you time on the day of, make sure to order your tickets ahead of time and print them out at home. This way you won’t have to go wait in the extra line at the ticketing office to grab your tickets.

man proposing to his girlfriend on the side of the biltmore
woman smiling and laughing as her fiance proposes

What time should I propose?

The admission gate hours to The Biltmore vary throughout the year so be sure to click here to see when you can get in. The best times for outdoor engagement photos tend to be the hour following sunrise and the hour leading up to sunset. These two times of day are often referred to as “golden hour” and it’s when you get that soft flattering light for portraits. During certain times of the year this is possible but during the summer, you may have to get into the admission gate by 6pm, but the sun won't set until 8:45pm. This is important for planning logistics and timing. If you're working with a professional photographer to help capture the big moment, they will be able to recommend locations based on the timing and lighting for most times of the day and locations.

woman kissing her fiance as he picks her up

Where should I propose at The Biltmore?

The Biltmore Estate is 8,000 acres of beautiful scenery so you will have plenty of options to find the perfect spot for your proposal. The most popular spot is often referred to as ‘The Statue of Dianna’ or ‘The Front Hill’ and this is the long hill in front of the railing that sits right in front of the Biltmore house itself. In addition to this location there are a lot of other popular locations that show case the beauty of the Biltmore and the scenery. The Gardens and the Lagoon are other popular locations. If you’re working with a professional photographer they will be able to provide you with a list of locations to find that spot that is just right for you!

Pro Tip - Don’t fret too much about the spot. In our experience special events can occur at The Biltmore without warning, and the weather can always be a little iffy, so always have a plan B for your location and afterwards you can move around the property and explore all of the beautiful scenery.

woman getting proposed to in front of the biltmore estate
couple holding hands while framed between two flowers

What should I wear for my proposal?

It’s hard to overdress for your proposal. It is such a special moment and one that many couples are starting to have captured so make sure to look the part. A couple of tips we love to give to make sure you look your best:

  • Avoid khakis - If it is wet, muddy, or dirty where you propose, the knee you get down on will undoubtably be stained when you get up. Go with something a little darker like dress pants or dressy jeans.

  • If you’re like me and you can sweat in a blizzard, avoid light colors. Between the weather, the potential walking, and the adrenaline of the build up to the moment, you will sweat through it in a heartbeat.

  • Avoid ball caps

  • Be sure to clear your pockets of things like key lanyards, and estate maps. These will hang out of your pocket and show up in photos. Keep it clean, and keep it simple.

For more visual inspiration on what to wear, click here! Don’t be afraid to reach out if you need some outfit guidance!

woman covers her face moments after her boyfriend proposes
man holds a ring as he proposes to his girlfriend at the biltmore estate
engaged couple dip kissing in front of flowers
couple dancing in front of the mountains

(Last but not least) - How do I get them to dress up without giving it away?

Believe it or not, this is easier than you think and something that we’ve come up with a few small strategies to make sure your partner also looks their best. Below are a few to get you started:

  • Tell them you’ve made breakfast or dinner reservations on the estate

  • If they’ve never been to the Biltmore, tell them you are encouraged to dress up for your visit

  • Tell them you made plans to go out right after

  • Tell them you wanted to grab a few phone shots of you two all dressed up for the gram!

Pro Tip: If you’re trying to get her to do her nails, arrange this a week in advance by buying her a gift card as a ‘just because surprise’ or get one of her friends/family members you can trust in on it, and have them go out for a manicure a week ahead of time.

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations, you are ready! Planning your proposal at The Biltmore can seem like a daunting task at first but following these simple steps will ensure that you are prepared! If you’re looking for someone to help plan everything & guide you through this process, and capture the special moment, that’s where we come in. In addition to shooting your proposal for you, we love to make sure our clients have a solid plan in place to remove all of the variables, so don’t hesitate to give us a shout! We hope to connect soon!

-Joe & Jenny

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