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Surprise Biltmore Engagement Session : A + L

Updated: Feb 18

engaged couple holding hands and walking on the south terrace at the biltmore

You have to it love when a plan comes together perfectly! Did we mention how excited we are that The Biltmore is opened back up!? Ok, so we have to focus because there is a lot to be excited about from this session! We connected with Adam a few weeks before his proposal to Laure and unlike a lot of guys who do everything by email, he gave us a call to discuss all of the details. You could hear every ounce of excitement in his voice as he told us about his relationship and all about his soon to be fiance! When the day finally arrived, it was everything you hope for in a proposal session. Perfect lighting, happy tears, and of course the element of surprise! Adam and Laure rocked their session after and showed off every bit of their chemistry on camera! They must have enjoyed the time spent as much as we did because a few weeks later they decided they wanted us there to also capture their wedding!

So many congrats you guys and we seriously can’t wait to be a part of your special day!

couple holding hands and smiling at each other
woman smiling at her fiance
couple smiling and holding hands
couple laughing at each other as they hold hands and walk
couple holding hands and walking on a path at the biltmore
couple smiling at each other
traditional portrait of a couple smiling
shot of an engagement ring on a flower
couple kissing while being framed by lattice
man kissing his fiance on the cheek while she smiles
couple enjoying the mountain view with their arms around each other
woman smiling at the camera as her fiance smiles at her
couple smiling at each other in front of the biltmore estate

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