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Surprise Biltmore Proposal : T + C

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

All of the proposals came a little later than usual this year thanks to COVID, but we would say it was worth the wait! On Tyler's recent proposal to Chrissy, it started off as one of those Murphy’s Law kind of days. We had a Plan A and Plan B for his surprise proposal and wouldn’t you know, both of them had to be scrapped! We’ve had to go with a Plan B option for our fellas proposing multiple times over the years, especially at The Biltmore because there is always so many events (private and public) going on that sometimes you never know what you’ll run into. Tyler envisioned proposing in front of The Lagoon with the Biltmore House in the background and on any given evening, usually you can show up there and expect maybe a person or two hanging out or taking a picture, but on this occasion everyone and their sister was out enjoying the beautiful evening at the estate. To be honest I’ve actually never seen it that crowded around the pond but it looked like everyone was set up all the way around in little picnics with their families and friends to feed the geese. Like every other thing in 2020 so far, we had to pivot and come up with something quick on the fly. Having mountain biked all over the Biltmore Estate over the years, we know the property pretty well compared to the average goer, so our minds immediately went to “hey, let’s find a pretty spot on one of the trails where the traffic is usually lower.” On our first drive through, Jenny saw a spot that was perfect for Tyler and Chrissy! Did we mention we lost phone signal at this point so we had to rush back to phone signal and make sure we texted Tyler everything just in time? LOL, like I said, Murphy!

After a little delay and coming up with a plan for the new location, everything was set! Thankfully for us, Tyler was unshaken and everything went smooth! Chrissy’s reaction was so sweet and surprised! She even hit Tyler with a couple of four letter words as she was completely caught off guard, of course that was after an emphatic yes!!!. It was a first for us in that moments after, Tyler was so happy and relieved all at once, he was overcome with emotion and actually had to catch his breath lol. Even though everything preceding the proposal was a little topsy turvy, everything after was as smooth as could be. Tyler and Chrissy had that kind of chemistry on camera that the rest of us envy and these two rocked their engagement session after!

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