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Spring engagement photos at The Biltmore: L + K

For a lot of people it starts feeling like spring when we leave the cool, windy, gray days behind for blue skies as far as the eye can see and you start feeling the warm sun on your skin! For us it starts feeling like spring when the flowers start blossoming at The Biltmore and boy are they ever blooming right now! One of our favorite things during this time of the year are spring time engagement sessions at The Biltmore! They can change from year to year but you can always expect beautiful florals blooming all around the estate property. One of the main attractions is the Garden area. If you haven’t been when it peaks, you don’t know what you’re missing! Thankfully for Lauren and Kyle their timing for everything was perfect this year and we were able to catch The Biltmore in bloom! We had their engagement a couple of weeks ago as it started to warm up and from the moment we hit the hill next to the South Terrace, these two rocked it! I’m pretty sure Lauren hit us with the standard “Hey we’re awkward so you’re going to have your work cut out for you,” and to that I say, if these two were awkward, give me ALL the awkward couples! We laughed it up with Lauren and Kyle as we moved around the estate to many of our favorite spots and we finished on the front hill with one of the most BEAUTIFUL trees! I won’t pretend to know the type of tree, all I know is it was made for portraits! This is usually where most of our sessions would wrap up but they were kind enough to invite us to dinner at Cedrics. Though there may be some debate the Jenny 'invited ourselves' (lol). We talked good food, country music, and travel. Thankfully we can still partake in two of those things at the moment :)

Lauren and Kyle are easily one of the coolest couples we’ve had the pleasures of getting to know and we literally can’t wait until their big day in October!

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