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Bleckley Station Wedding Anderson, SC : S + K

Updated: Feb 18

couple dip kissing in front of Bleckley Station

We first met Shawn and Kristen at The Biltmore in December of 2018! Shawn had contacted us about capturing his surprise proposal to Kristen that winter and we could tell from the tone that he was super excited to ask Kristen to marry him. Shawn must have been doing something right because Kristen said yes in an instant! After spending the the next hour with these cuties at The Biltmore, we hugged and wished them on their way, hopeful that we would get to connect with them both again!

Well fast forward almost a year and a half later, one minor delay because of Covid/government shut downs and we have arrived! (lol) Shawn and Kristen were married at the historical Bleckley Station in Anderson, SC! It has been the home to multiple businesses over the last century but the most recent being a beautiful space to gather for celebrations of life, including weddings! Between the exposed brick walls, natural sky light, and architectural design, this place literally takes your breath away upon entering. It was the perfect setting for their wedding day and one that we drew so much inspiration from in terms of lighting, lines, and angles. Not our typical venue, and one that we won’t soon forget!

Shawn and Kristen picked up where we left off last time we saw these two! Madly in love and not afraid to show it! Getting to meet their friends and family really helped to show the kind of people they are and where much of that comes from. They were surrounded by love and support and to give you a little prelude on what’s to come, let’s just say this crew knows how to party! We hope you enjoy following along on Shawn and Kristen’s big day!

bridal details of bride's shoes and jewelry
bride laughing as she gets her hair done
bride's ring sitting on her shoes
bride smiling in the mirror
bride's dress on a hanger
bride's dress hanging on a mirror
bride and her bridesmaids hanging on a couch
bride's mother helping her button her dress
bridesmaid helping a bride put on her veil
bridal portrait in the window light
groom walking down the sidewalk with his suit
groom's father helping him put on his boutonniere
traditional portrait of the groom
groom portrait in front of door framing
bride standing above the groom
bride and groom kissing as the bride's veil floats
groom kissing bride's cheek with a red light behind them
bride and groom holding hands side by side
wedding party portrait in front of exposed brick
dramatic lighting portrait of wedding party in front of brick wall
creative groom portrait of groomsmen walking by
groom's party portrait in v formation
groom and groomsmen laughing
traditional groom's party portrait
groomsmen and the groom's mother
groom's party picking up the groom
bridesmaid portrait in front of windows
bride and bridesmaids laughing
layered wedding party portrait in front of window
bridal party bouquets
wedding reception space at bleckley station
wedding table florals
bridesmaid hugging grandmother
bride and groom entering reception
bride and groom sharing their first dance
bride smiling during first dance
groom and his mom smiling
bride dancing with her dad
bride and groom laughing during a wedding toast
bride and groom laughing during speech
maid of honor giving speech
bride and groom walking across a street
dramatic lighting portrait of bride and groom standing between floral trees
bride and groom holding hands and walking down an alley
groom kissing bride on the cheek against a brick building
groom kissing bride's cheek
bride and groom holding hands as traffic drives by

DJ: Mike Productions

Florist/Decor: Bride & Cheryl Story

Make up: Megan Richards

Doughnuts: Duck Doughnuts

Officiant: Alan Ruff

Photo Booth: JCM Photography

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