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Fall Wedding at Hidden Hill Venue: J + J

Updated: Feb 27

groom kissing bride on the cheek in front of fall colored trees

When we look back on Jennifer and Joe’s wedding at Hidden Hill Venue in Morganton, NC, we can’t help but the think about the excitement of this day! First off, they had the same name as us so how could this not be a fun wedding? (JK but seriously lol). From what we had seen online we knew Hidden Hill was going to be a beautiful venue, but when we arrived we were blown away by the facility, surrounding space, attention to detail, and their staff. Pictures just didn’t do this place justice. The timing could not have better either as the fall color was coming in beautifully at their elevation! When we finally got to meet Joe and Jennifer in person we were pumped! They were every bit as kind and genuine as they were on the phone and they also had a fun side that was apparent from the moment we walked in. Throw in a bridal party that wasn’t afraid to be themselves and I can honestly say there was not a single dull moment on their wedding day!

It really was one of those weddings where everything was as close to perfect as you can get. The lighting was ideal, their venue was pristine, their spirits were high, and there was such a mix of fun and moving moments! For us one of the highlights of the day was working with Jennifer & Joe and their bridal party. To be honest, rarely is there a time where we don’t assimilate well with whatever group we’re working with, but Jennifer and Joe’s parties were ridiculously fun! No joke was off of the table and nobody was afraid to be themselves. The laughs rolled in and you could tell that they were all super close. Even after family photos and bridal party photos, Jennifer and Joe had a bunch of special sub combos for all of their different friends & fam within their bridal party from different walks of life. It was awesome to be a small part of capturing this cool connection! Like most of our blogs, the images say all of the things that we can’t always quite find the perfect words and we hope you enjoy following along!

bride's dress hanging in front of a window
groomsmen all jumping
bridal portrait in front of fall colored trees
bridal party portrait in front of the fall trees
fun wedding party portrait
bridesmaids and groomsmen bum rushing bride and groom
full wedding party portrait in front of the mountains
traditional portrait of the bride and groom smiling
bride and groom laughing together
traditional portrait of the bride and groom in front of the fall foliage
bridal portrait in front of the mountains
bride and groom holding each other close in front of the mountains
night time silhouette of the bride and groom kissing

Special thanks to all of the vendors, friends, & family who helped to make this day epic!

Florist: Judy & Daleleene Fisher

DOC: Anne Bowen

Caterer: Cathleene Braughn

Sabres: Association of Graduates

Make up: Beyond Appearance

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