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Fall Wedding at The Fields of Blackberry Cove

Updated: Feb 22

bride popping a bottle of champagne

It’s no surprise that The fields of Blackberry Cove was easily one of the most popular venues for our couples last year! It’s also no surprise that the majority of those weddings took place during the beautiful fall season that the Asheville area is known for! Kaitlin and Zach’s special day was no exception! They got married at one of our favorite locations on the venue property, down by a prominent Oak tree that towers high into the tree line. However, they had their own unique spin and decided to spin directions so they were also able to incorporate the blue ridge mountain views that The Fields of Blackberry Cove is known for! The setting, the season, and one pretty rad couple made for a super fun wedding! For us our favorite part about getting to work with Kaitlin and Zach was all of the little moments! We never had a chance to meet them before their wedding day and we didn’t get the opportunity to capture their engagement, but it didn’t even matter. Kaitlin & Zach were both so genuine and welcoming it was like hanging with two old friends. From popping bottles, to dance floor shenanigans, and subtle smiles it was hard not to love every part of this day! It day was nonstop fun from the beginning and we were sad to see it come to an end. We hope you enjoy following along!

wedding ceremony set up in front of a large tree
pictures set up on a table
bride's dress hanging in the trees
bride's parents reacting after seeing her for the first time
groom's boutonniere being put on
groom's party portrait on a dirt road
groomsmen all looking different directions
groom's brother kissing his cheek
groom and his brother laughing
groom making a funny face
the bride and her dad walking to the ceremony
bride and her dad walking down the aisle
groom awaiting the arrival of the bride
groom reacting to the bride's arrival
bride smiling at her father
bride laughing at something the groom said
bride laughing during the vow reading
wedding ceremony at the fields of blackberry cove
wedding ceremony under a tree
bride laughing as the groom puts her ring on
bride and groom sharing their first kiss
groom dip kissing the bride at the end of the aisle
bride and groom laughing in front of fall colors
bride and groom jumping together
groom kissing bride on the temple
bridal portrait in front of the fall leaves
traditional portrait of the bride and groom in front of fall color
bride and groom kissing during sunset
bridal portrait in front of the mountains
bride and groom holding hands and looking opposite directions


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