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Grove Park Inn Winter Wedding: M + Z

Updated: Feb 23

bride and groom smiling at each other in front of the Grove Park Inn

I still remember the first conversation we had with Megan about her wedding day! We received a call from an out of town number mid way through October as we were sitting in the car and awaiting the arrival one of our couples for their engagement session! We hit it off immediately with Megan as she told us about her upcoming intimate wedding at The Grove Park Inn in Asheville! We laughed when she thanked us for answering the phone as no one else she called did (crazy to think in this super competitive industry but I digress!). After discussing wedding details and her vision for the day, she wasted no time and said alright let’s do this! After getting to connect with Megan on the phone, we could hardly wait to meet her and Zach in person! As expected their wedding day was sweet, intimate, and meaningful. Their strong family ties really hit home for us. We had the pleasure of meeting both of their families after their first look and unlike a lot of traditional sized weddings where it can be like herding cats, there was more of a sense of quality time and hanging out. Everyone laughed together like old friends and and it made for the perfect prelude to their wedding ceremony! Like many couples in January, they opted to have their ceremony indoors and the Country Club on the Grove Park’s property was the ideal location for their intimate wedding. After tying the knot these lovebirds shared in the laughs, the cake, and a little first dance! It was such a sweet day and a perfect reminder of why we love intimate weddings! We hope you all enjoy!

bride getting her hair done
bride's shoes and bouquet
hair stylist spraying hair spray
bridal details and jewelry
bride smiling
bride's dress hanging on the window
bride touching up her eye lashes
the bride's bouquet and her robe
the bride's mother helping her put on her dress
bride's dress being buttoned
bridal portrait in the window light
groom putting his tie on in the mirror
the groom laughing
the groom's mother helping him with his boutonniere
groom's mother putting the boutonniere on her husband
groom hugging his grandmother
traditional family portrait with the groom and his family
the groom and his family laughing
groom portrait in front of a rock wall
portrait of the groom smiling in front of the mountains
the bride coming down the stairs to see the groom
groom awaiting the bride for his first look
bride walking down the stairs as the groom turns around
groom reacting to seeing the bride for the first time
bride and groom holding hands and smiling
bride and grooms framed between two pillars
the bride laughing at the groom
full family portrait with the bride and groom
family portrait with the bride and her family
the bride and her father laughing
the bride hugging her grandmother
bride's sister taking a photo of the bride
bride's parents laughing
traditional portrait of the bride and groom smiling
traditional bridal portrait
groom looking at the bride as she smiles
bride and groom smiling in front of the mountains
dramatic lighting portrait of the bride and groom kissing on the sunset terrace
bride and groom holding hands and walking at the grove park inn
bride and groom kissing in front of the sunset terrace at the grove park
bride and groom laughing together near some trees
bridal portrait in front of trees
bride's bouquet
bridal portrait with a fur coat
the bride laughing at the groom as she wraps around his arm
groom kissing the bride on the cheek
the groom kissing the bride's hand
the bride smiling at the groom as they walk together
groom holding the bride's bouquet
bride and groom holding hands during the ceremony
the bride and groom facing their officiant
chandeliers in the foreground of the wedding ceremony
bride and groom sharing their first kiss
bride and groom smiling during their recessional
bride and groom walking back down the aisle
bride laughing with her relatives
bride and groom cutting the cake
groom feeding the bride a piece of cake
bride and groom sharing their first dance
bride laughing during their first dance
bride and groom making eye contact during their first dance

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