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Katie & Brandon's 15 year Vow Renewal

groom twirling bride in front of duncan estate

   One of our favorite weddings/celebrations from this past year was one that was near and dear to our hearts.  It was Katie and Brandon’s 15 year vow renewal.  No pressure, they are only two our best friends, accomplished and brilliant weddings photographers and videographers themselves, and did I mention wedding venue owners on top of that?  We obviously always try to do our best regardless of who the couple is, but I would be lying if I said there wasn’t a little added pressure.  Not from them in any way, just that responsibility you feel to always do your best and the fact that it was two people we love dearly.  When they asked us, we didn’t hesitate for a second.  Knowing Katie and Brandon as people outside of the wedding industry, we knew this would be a special day.  Katie and Brandon are family first type of people and they would do anything for their loved ones.  That old saying about taking the shirt off one’s back to help another could not apply more to any two people I know.  I know for us personally they’ve come across the country to help us in times of need.  They’ve driven states away to help us move.  They are always there when we need to bounce an idea off someone, in life or business. They are fiercely loyal and they are the first ones to celebrate your successes when you achieve something.  You would be hard pressed to find two people that work harder.  Two people that care more, or a sweeter family.  We’ve spent holidays with these two, we’ve traveled across the country, and we’ve been blessed to have some ridiculously good times with them over the years.  Having renewed our vows at 10 years and knowing that feeling of not only growing as a person, but growing together, we wanted this day to be perfect for Katie and Brandon!

Looking back over their special day, we think it was just that.  It was idyllic in every way from the big picture details to the little special ones sprinkled throughout.  The florals were perfection, the cake was to die for, but the thing that stood out most was the feeling of the day. Every single one of the vendors was a close friend and between vendors, family, & friends, it was all hands on deck to make sure these two had the most memorable celebration.  Like we previously mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Katie and Brandon is the word family and we think that will be ever present when you follow along on their special day below.  From little moments with their grandson, laughs with mom, to those special moments with their sons, these were the things that made up the essence of their day.  Their foundation in love and God has allowed them to build a life that many could only dream of.  It’s a journey and story that is to be admired.  One that inspires, and certainly one that will leave a legacy on long after they are gone.  Cheers to the next 15 years and we hope you all enjoy following along!


champagne wall

sign on the bridal suite door

groom's details

groom's suit and boots

son of the bride smiling


groom going to hug his grandson

groom hugging his grandson

friends and family helping set up for the wedding

bridesmaids laughing

bride getting her make up done

reflection of bride getting her make up done

bride's jewelry on her hands

bride's dresses hanging on a mirror

pink bridal details

bridal details

bride's shoes

grandson eating a snack

dramatic lighting image of the bride getting hairspray

bride writing out her vows

bride writing her vows on the couch

groom holding something in his mouth

groom putting on his ring

groomsman pouring a drink

goofy groom portrait on a pool table

groom's son helping him with his color

groom helping his son put on a cufflink

groom's son smiling at him

groom's mother helping him with his cuff links

traditional portrait of the groom and his mom

sunglasses photo of the groom and his friends

groom shooting billiards

groom's party cheering a drink

bride's mother helping her put her dress on

bride's friend helping her with her veil

bride putting her earrings in

picture of bride and her friend

bride walking down the stairs

groom smiling while walking to the ceremony

flower girl and ring bearer

bride walking in to the ceremony

groom reacting to seeing the bride

groom's son walking her down the aisle

bride's older son also walking her down the aisle

wedding ceremony garden at duncan estate

duncan estate wedding ceremony

groom wiping tears from the bride's face

bride smiling while reading her vows

shot of a cell phone

bride and groom holding hands during their wedding ceremony

bride and groom smiling while walking down the aisle

bride and groom kissing during the recessional

traditional family portrait

bride and groom laughing with friends

sunglasses friend photo

photo of bride and friend squishing her other friend

two kids holding hands and one yelling

bride with the flower girl and ring bearer

groom and his buddy

groom and his sons showing off heir cuff links

groom portrait

bride and her friend being goofy

wedding vendor list

cocktail hour appetizers

guest enjoying cocktail hour


wedding guest cheering

wedding cup

bridal portrait of the bride smiling

the bride's veil floating

bride and groom holding hands and walking

bride and groom kissing in front of duncan estate

groom hugging rbide from behind

groom twirling bride during golden hour

dramatic lighting portrait of the bride and groom

bride and groom entering the reception

bride and groom framed between two doors

bride smiling at the groom during first dance

bride and groom hugging his parents

groom hugging his friend

bride and groom laughing during their welcome speech

bride and groom kissing in front of sparklers

wedding guests dancing

groom and his friends smoking cigars

bride and groom spraying champagne

Special thank you to all of the amazing vendors that helped bring their day to life!

Videography: DiPietro Weddings & Films - Shane

DJ & First Dance: Audiografs

Catering: Cribbs Catering

Ceremony Music: Carolina Music Planner

Hair & Make up - Cotton Rouge & Co.

Dresses: Madison Carolina Bridal & Heidi Marie Bridal

Suits: Mens Wearhouse

Desserts: Suga Mamas & DiPietro Desserts

Lighting: Alpha Lit

Bartending: Shawn Plummer

Officiant: Felicia Gammon Graf

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