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Road trip out west!!!

I shared an image on our IG stories about a week ago and after a few comments, I realized it was apparent that I didn’t share any of our vacation images from our vow renewal/road trip out west (except one of me and Jenny)! A lot of our friends and JCM Fam, were wanting to see more so we figured we would go ahead and make a blog out of it so we didn’t take up too much content feed (I know I know, weird social media stuff). We were so excited, I think we told everyone we came into contact with over the past 6 months about our plans! If you don’t know part of the back story, and this is going to sound horribly ironic, but Jenny and I had terrible wedding photos by any stretch of the imagination (I know right…the cruel irony lol). Let’s just say we weren’t in the industry at the time and we really didn’t have a clue about finding a great photographer. We had always talked about renewing our vows somewhere in the mountains once we hit our 10 year anniversary. Well, we made it to 9 years and with the timing of Jenny’s recent 30lbs weight loss, she was feeling great about herself, so we figured there’s no time like the present! Simultaneously the last few years, we have been yearning to travel out west and experience the terrain on that side of the country. It never crossed our minds until our friend and fellow amazing photographer Jesse suggested doing an epic road trip and then just renewing our vows while we were out there. Luckily Jesse used to live in Colorado (the first stop on our trip) and knew a ton of amazing places that we could check out along the way. He also wanted to renew his vows with his beautiful wife Megan while we were out there. So to recap, vow renewal, check. Shooting a vow renewal, check! And 10 day road trip to explore some of the best the west has to offer, check!

Our trip was amazing, and no exaggeration when I say the trip of a lifetime. We packed in so much into a short amount of time that I still don’t know how we got any sleep over those 10 days lol. For the purposes of breaking it up and not overwhelming everyone with imagery. The following blog uses our favorite images to document our 10 day trip from Rocky Mountain National Park, to Aspen, CO, Utah, Idaho, Yellow Stone National Park, and finally finishing up at The Grand Teton National Park! We hope you enjoy following along and feel inspired to go explore what our amazing country has to offer!

Big thanks to Jesse for planning out a hell of a route and making all of this come together!

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