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Yesterday Spaces Wedding: H + D

Updated: Feb 24

bride and groom smiling during their recessional

As we sit here in quarantine we’ve had a great time getting to reflect on many amazing experiences from last year. From the unique weddings we’ve been a part of to the cool couples we’ve connected with and as we were doing that we couldn’t help but sit back and laugh looking over Daniel and Heather’s wedding at Yesterday Spaces from last fall! There were so many little moments from beginning to end! First off, how can anyone not love Heather’s laugh and smile? She exudes joy wherever she goes and scrolling through their album last night we were reminded of that wholeheartedly! So much so that we sat back and talked and laughed with each other saying “Omg do you remember that!?” and “LOL, I can’t believe we forgot about that!” Granted we are super busy in the fall, we’re chalking this one up to an overload of awesomeness that our brains just couldn’t completely process in the moment. Looking back gave us the opportunity to really soak it all in and we are grateful for that. Daniel and Heather’s special day included one of our favorite wedding details in the past few years and that was floral print mismatching bridesmaid dresses, but even that couldn’t compare to their Kigus outfits!!! (Ki…what?….just wait, you’ll see). After their first look we had a blast because Heather and Daniel really brought out the best in their personalities with each other, totally being themselves and lost in the moment. Another one of our favorite parts of their big day was Heather’s first look with her dad. We’re pretty sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. It was one of those significant moments during a wedding day where you can’t help but feel like you were a part of a memory. We live for capturing these moments for our couples and their families! As if this wasn’t enough, they also had Gandalf the Grey officiate their wedding (you read that right). We think it would be impossible not too, but we hope you enjoy as you follow along on their wedding!!

bride approaching groom from behind
creative shot of bride blurring towards groom
groom reacting to seeing the bride at the first time
bride laughing as she holds hands with the groom
bride smiling at the groom as he makes a funny face
bride and groom laughing together
bride and groom walking down a tree tunnel
the bride swinging her dress
full wedding party portrait
non-traditional bouquets
bride walking and laughing with her bridal party
bride's dad awaiting the bride
bride's dad holding back tears when seeing the bride for the first time
bride's father kissing her on the cheek
the bride and her father laughing
wedding ceremony at yesterday's spaces near Asheville
bride and groom being framed between two barrels
bride laughing during the middle of the wedding ceremony
bride and groom sharing their first kiss
bride and groom laughing during their wedding recessional
bride and groom taking a selfie
wedding guest taking a picture of other guests
wedding guests taking a a selfie together
bride and groom holding hands in front of a mountain
bride and groom holding hands and walking in front of the mountains
bride and groom holding hands and walking down a fence line
bride laughing as the groom pushes her on a swing
bride showing off her dance moves
bride and groom exiting their wedding reception

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