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Olympic Dreams

We recently had the opportunity to work with the largest company we've ever worked with in Glen Raven ( They are a global company that focuses on everything from R&D to logistics while serving their customers world wide in the fields of awning, marine, furniture, protective, military, geosynthetics and more. They are also a sponsor for the US sailing team for the Olympics and Paralympics. Recently they flew the team in to their NC and SC offices to do giveaways, let the athletes see the people behind the scenes of their olympic efforts, and introduce the team to their employees as well as present them with one of the coolest american flags we've ever seen. Needless to say, we were excited as your odds of becoming an olympic athlete are less than 1% in most sports. These are the rare few among us who are the best of the best....of the best. The athletes were appreciative and humble in their interactions with the employees and there was certainly a buzz as the athletes traveled about the facilities. They answered questions, signed autographs, even took selfies with some of the employees. Living in Asheville there are many opportunities for photography throughout the year besides weddings and this one was fun as we got to shoot in a more photo-journalistic style as compared to our usual style trading mountain back drops and vineyards for industrial manufacturing plants. We enjoyed every minute of it and were thankful for this opportunity to not only work with an amazing company, but meet some amazing people in the process!

Joe & Jenny

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