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Community Partners in Asheville

Hey everybody, if you've been following our journey for a while now, you've probably noticed our wedding photography split up by some interesting events for local community organizations. We've reached out and covered everything from local mountain bike races to 'human' foosball! One of the organizations we hold very near and dear and are honored to have been a part of for a couple of their recent events.

One of the things we wanted to do was give back to the community and those organizations focused on giving back to the community. For most of us, it's easy to throw money at a cause or write a check (which certainly helps!!!) but Jenny and I wanted to give something arguably as valuable, that being our time. One of the orgnizations that caught our eye in town was a non-profit non-kill animal rescue named Brother Wolf. Having 3 fur babies and 1 rescue of our own, it was a no brainer that their organization was one we wanted to help out in any way we could.

Our first opportunity for JCM Photography to partner with Brother Wolf was late last year during their "Howl-O-ween" event at Carrier Park. This amazingly fun event included vendors from around the area, families & friends, and most notably, man's best friend (hundreds of them!) dressed up in Halloween outfits! Talk about a fun time, you couldn't take a step in any direction that day without a smile on your face. By the time we heard about it and reached out, we were one of dozens of photography companies and volunteers that had loaded up their camera equipment and headed down to the park which just showed the level of community support! After the event, photos were posted and shared all over Facebook which was awesome as for many people, their pets are not just pets, they are part of the family and by capturing these amazing families and their beautiful moments, we gave them something to remember, and hopefully they will be back next year in full support of Brother Wolf and the amazing work they do!

Fast forward a couple months and we were contacted at the beginning of this year to work with Brother Wolf again and this time it would be something a little crazier (in a good way!). Brother Wolf's 2016 Drag Queen Bingo event! How could we say no to that!? Needless to say we were in! We were one of two photography teams that were fortunate enough to be able to shoot the event and our assignment for the night was Drag Queen Photo booths for the patrons who purchased tickets for this great event. 900 tickets to be exact! The community was out in full support of Brother Wolf and it was very heart warming to hear some of the stories of success and resiliency on the part of some of these amazing animals. In all last year, brother wolf rescued and saved over 6,000 dogs and cats from being euthanized. None of which would be possible without this amazing community here in Asheville willing to give of themselves and of their means to support this wonderful cause. At the end of the night, we had drag queens, smiles, laughs, some tears, and I think it was safe to say everyone had a good time! All in all we were grateful for another opportunity to give back to the community that gives to us, and we will continue to support Brother Wolf and other community partners in and effort to have ongoing and sustained positive relationships for those in need, human and canine alike :)

Joe & Jenny

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