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Rustic Style Weddings

Your man popped the question! You said yes, you've picked the date, location, etc. NOW, it's time to pick the theme! One of the most popular wedding themes right now are rustic style weddings! If you follow our work regularly, that should come to little surprise. There's a lot to like about going wth this theme. It tends to be a bit more laid back. They can be budget friendly, and last but certainly not least, they are a perfect combination of simple and beautiful. We wanted to write this blog to highlight some subtle themes and ideas to help you during the planning process of your rustic style wedding. Enjoy!

Why not start with the obvious!? From suits and boots, to boots and dresses, rustic style weddings give you a perfect excuse to break out those old boots in your closet and show'em off!

Truth be told, you could decorate for a rustic style wedding just about anywhere but if you really want an authentic experience why not pick a venue that already has most of the work done for you. All the venues above are located very close to Asheville, NC starting with the first picture of the amazing barn and mills at Appalachian Farm Weddings. In the middle we have the beautiful open space and enormous venue provided by Jeter Mountain Farms and lastly on the right we have the beautiful country side mountain feel at The Farm in Candler, NC. All amazing choices for a venue especially if this is your theme!

Now let's talk about fun for family and friends! 3 of our favorite ideas are pictured above. Games are always a good idea to keep your guests engaged and entertained, and corn hole might be one of the best. Simple, low cost, and so popular hear in the south! When the lights go down (especially during the cooler times of the year) bon fires are a great way to wind down the evening for those who may not be into dancing. A little bit of blue grass live music is always a blast and the right band like Fireside Collective pictured above can really get people moving, not to mention provide an enchanting entrance as you walk down the aisle.

BECAUSE HORSES!!! Do we really need to explain this one? :)

From your favorite finger foods to a custom oakwood ring holder, the above ideas can give any rustic themed wedding a little extra pizzaz and of course who could forget the sweet tea? One of our favorite unique souther traditions that fit rustic style weddings perfectly is pictured last in this gallery. You bury a bottle of whiskey and dig it up after you say I do! It's an old wive's tale to help keep rain away on your big day (even if it doesn't work, you still have a little extra whiskey for the big day!).

As you plan your rustic wedding we hope that some of these ideas help to provide you some inspiration for your big day! We personally love the unique variety and style we get to experience and capture at every couples' wedding but if budget friendly, laid back, and simple all appeal to you, then rustic maybe just the theme for your big day!

Thanks for reading!!!

Joe & Jenny

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