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Our 2016 Year in Review!

As 2017 begins, we cannot help but reflect on what an amazing year 2016 was for us and for the couples we were blessed to work with! When we moved to Asheville halfway through 2015, we knew our goal was to get our foot in the door of this market with our photography (mainly weddings) and start getting our name out there. Due to everything that comes with major transitions, the few months we had left in 2015 when we arrived here literally flew by and it was a whirlwind in our mind now, but the lessons we’ve learned and have continued to learn in this short time have helped us to shape our company for the future! When 2016 hit, we had a modest goal of 24 weddings. Our plan was to continue developing our craft, network, and participate in the Wedding Festivals put on by Mark and Colleen Wheeler (amazing company and amazing people). Fast forward to today and 2016 was bigger and better than we ever expected and there are so many people we have to thank for this (I will list them all at the end for those who just want to see the photos!). Jenny and I are grateful beyond measure and after it was all said and done, we traveled to 5 states and shot 53 weddings!!! We did the math and that's a little over 250 hours of actually shooting weddings, around 178,000+ images taken, and approximately 2000 hours of time spent in Lightroom and Photoshop! Not to mention countless hours of spending time with all the amazing couples we’ve had the opportunity to work with and helping to bring their visions to life on their big day! With all that being said, we wanted to share one image from each wedding this year to honor our year and the awesome couples we worked with!

In the end, we were blown away by the amount of support from those in our field and community as well as our families and loved ones. Of course we are forever indebted to all of the amazing couples we had the opportunity to work with this year. Many of whom we met for the first time the day of the wedding since Asheville is a destination wedding area. Many of whom we’ve shared everything from dinner and brews to stories over bonfires with and continue to be friends with until this day! Thank you to all of you and a special thanks to the following people for helping us throughout this past year. Whether it was simple advice on processes, or giving us volunteer opportunities to give back to the community, we owe the following people a huge thanks: Marc & Colleen Wheeler, Nick from Blue Bend Photography, our moms and dads, Michelle LennonLaCosse, Leah Craig Fieser, all the amazing Asheville wedding venues, Hugo Gutierrez, Jaime Martinez, Hannah Holland, Joseph Dix, Jenny Roberts, Bryan Bell, Sara Henry, Wendy Knowles, Cynthia Heaton, Brittney Rice, and all of the other talented Asheville wedding photographers for pushing us to be better! This community we live in truly does foster creative growth and we couldn't be more proud to be a part of it!

Last, but certainly not least, we wouldn't be here today without our lord and savior Jesus Christ and as we continue on this journey we're on, we give thanks and are humbled by the power of our continued faith. We truly feel that this is the path God wants us to be on and we always look to serve him by serving others and having a positive lasting impact on those around us. We look forward to sharing more in 2017 and if you made it this far into our blog, thanks for being one of our hardcore supporters!

-Joe & Jenny

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