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Pisgah Inn Wedding: Josselyn + Michael

What comes to mine when you think beauty and grace? Adventure and love? Best friends & roadtrips? Passion and pursuit? Some of you may be thinking I’m talking about our beautiful town of Asheville, but I’m thinking of two special people whom Jenny and I have grown to love in admire greatly in the past year. When I think of all those things, I think of Josselyn & Michael and for so many reasons in particular. Though they represent much more in this world to each other, I’m sure anyone who knows these two would agree it describes them perfectly!

As with many of our amazing clients, we develop friendships throughout the personal process or working with a photographer to document your love. What’s cool about Josselyn and Michael is we knew them before we ever started this journey. Many moon ago, when Jenny and I were still in Florida, we used to be avid competitors in cross country mountain biking. Every weekend we spent traveling to different areas throughout the state to race the best of the best in Florida. As with almost any sport, there’s different levels of expertise, and two of the fastest and finest in the state were (and still are) Josselyn and Michael! In fact, the story of how these two met began with a mountain bike ride and they have never looked back! Through the racing circuit and social media we were able to keep up with others in the community and we were blessed to catch Josselyn’s eye with our photography as we continued our growth when we moved to Asheville. For all of our outdoorsy followers, you already know, Asheville is next to some of the most renowned trails in the US with Pisgah National Forrest and Dupont State Forrest, so Josselyn and Michael would regularly find their way up here to race and train!

One day Josselyn reached out to us and inquired about doing some photos for her and Michael. Initially it was supposed to be some casual couples photos, but as we got closer and closer to their visit, Michael proposed!!! Soon after, Josselyn decided she wanted to go ahead and do engagement photos! The day of their engagement was calling for around 80% chance of rain and they travelled so far to get these done, that we hoped and prayed for a miracle and somehow in the midst of the surrounding storms, the area we all decided to shoot was completely untouched and boy are we glad! They chose Triple Falls in Dupont State forrest for their engagement and besides being one of the most beautiful spots in the area, it also had significant meaning to Michael and Josselyn as they’ve spent numerous hours together in this beautiful forest riding, exploring, and growing together! From the get go, their chemistry on camera was awesome!! They were so at ease with each other that we only gave minor prompts here and there, and they effortlessly took care of the rest, such a natural love.

Soon after their engagement and a few more trips to the mountains racing and riding, we received a great honor when she asked us if we would be available to capture her and Michael’s elopement at The Hitching Post at Pisgah Inn. First off, we were like “YESSSS!” but secondly, for those of you that have never been to The Pisgah Inn right off of the Blue Ridge Parkway, it is one of the most beautiful spots in all of the area! Long range mountain views of the lush green Pisgah National Forrest and if it isn’t apparent from the pictures you’re about to see, some of the bluest Carolina skies around! They day of their beautiful union, Michael stayed in their usual spot, the RV! One of the things we love about Michael and Josselyn and admire greatly is the fact that they are both doing what they love, traveling, and growing their love together all the while pursuing their passion. They spend a large amount of quality time together in their RV so it only made sense we had to highlight it a little bit in some of their wedding photos as it’s such a part of their story. Josselyn and her family were getting ready in one of the rooms at the inn. As Michael excitedly put the last minute finishing touches on before the wedding ceremony, the scene was a bit more action packed with the ladies! On top of an unreal setting, the emotions shared between Josselyn and Michael as well as that of their loved ones made for one of the most touching wedding ceremonies we’ve ever been a part of!

Throughout the evening it was fun with family and friends at the wedding reception!

As the sun started to go down, we snuck Josselyn and Michael out for a few more photos! (of course they brought their bikes too!)

Though there was so many things to love about this wedding and we were sad to see it end, the real joy and pleasure was getting to be around these two when they are with each other. There is such a beautiful connection between Michael and Josselyn and as we’ve come to know them better and witness this journey they are on, one can’t help but admire the way they live life, but most of all the way they love life. Congratulations you guys and we wish you many years of happiness!!!

-Joe & Jenny

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