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Biltmore Engagement Photography: Justin + Sarvin

On July 20th, Justin reached out to us to inquire about our availability to capture his planned proposal at The Biltmore. Of course as much as one would love this process to be as easy as possible, coordinating this magic moment took some definite effort as there were a few curve balls thrown throughout the process. Initially it wasn’t looking like we were available on the days Justin was wanting to propose. Then, when we finally lined up a day that could potentially work for all of us, turns out there was a concert at The Biltmore that evening, which limits access to most of the property. Then, after some more brainstorming on Justin’s end and figuring out how we could make it all work, we nailed down a day! The week before his proposal/engagement session, the terrible events in Houston started were taking place as Hurricane Harvey had just hit and the weather reports were saying that we were going to be getting a lot of that rain and wind the day we had scheduled (seriously!?). By this point, we had come up with a small plan B, but ultimately hoped that we didn’t have to revert to that. Thankfully we played everything by ear and the weather ended up being just perfect!

Once the day and time finally arrived, Jenny and I were in place and eagerly awaited Justin and Sarvin’s arrival. As Justin approached the location we had previously discussed via email, everything appeared to be going perfect as he and Sarvin strolled hand in hand. They stopped to take a quick picture in front of the beautiful architecture and Justin lead the way around the corner to eventually lead Sarvin out into the grass. Then things got interesting (again) ! Initially Sarvin was not having it. After some rain earlier in the day, you could tell that she didn’t want to get wet by going in the grass! At this point Jenny and I thought to ourselves “Oh crap!” but Justin eventually used his charming ways and talked her into going out a few steps. As they stood close and Justin started to speak, you could see it in Sarvin’s body language, she knew this moment was about to come! Justin hit one knee and reached out for her hand. Her hands covering her face in disbelief, it was a resounding yes as happy tears began to flow and Justin gave us a thumbs up she they embraced each other in the sweetest hug!

After a few minutes to let the rush of emotions subside (somewhat!) we were able to introduce ourselves and start what was one of our most memorable engagement sessions this year! Justin and Sarvin were so cute and their chemistry on camera was to die for! As we moved around the estate and continued shooting, they became even more comfortable and the laughs rolled in! As with every proposal and engagement session, all good things must come to an end. Though our time spent with Justin and Sarvin was brief, we couldn’t help but talking about what a remarkable young couple they were. Just simply being around them was enough to make you smile as you knew you were in the presence of true love.

Congrats & thank you guys for letting us be a part of your journey!

Joe & Jenny <3

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