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Highland Lake Inn Wedding: Kim + David

We still remember meeting Kim and David like it was yesterday! We were sitting outside on the patio at Char Bar 7 just outside of downtown Asheville (oh how we miss the warm summer weather at this very moment lol) and getting to know each other! Being the lightweight that I am, I’m pretty sure after the 1 beer I likely had, there are a ton of details I can’t remember, but what I do remember is we thought Kim and David were funny and cool as hell! On top of this they were going to be having their wedding at one of our favorite places to visit, Highland Lake Inn & Resort and it was going to be early November so we were hopefully in for some leftover fall colors!

As challenging as it can sometimes be getting to know someone before a wedding, especially if they are out of town, we just hit it off with Kim and David. In fact, it felt we picked up right where we left off when we last saw them at dinner, laughing! David walked in and introduced me to all of his groomsmen and he instantly made me feel like one of the fellas. The camaraderie between David and his friends was awesome and really help set the tone for the day! Jenny was having just as much fun with Kim and her bridesmaids across the way!

Once the bridal party was ready, it was on to the first look! Once Chris and Kim saw each other first the first time on their wedding day, they both lost it with happy tears. To this day, it is still one of the most touching moments we’ve had the privilege to be present for. In fact, I would say moments like these where our couples let us in to see these genuine emotions around each other are one of the true gifts we receive as wedding photographers. From that moment on, Kim and David were totally themselves and couldn’t have been any more perfect on their special day! Their friends and family were just as much fun and if you think we’re kidding, just scroll down to the dance floor shots :)

We can truly say that this was one of those wedding days that we did not want to end! The couple is simply amazing, the fall colors were popping, the reception wasn’t slowing down one bit, and the wedding vendors present all had a fun team mentality, collaborating to make this day even more memorable!

Congrats to Kim and David and thank you guys for allowing us to be a part of your story!


Planning/Coordinating: Plain With Sprinkles

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