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Westin Poinsett Wedding: Megan + Andrew

In the past two years, Greenville South Carolina has really become our home away from home when it comes to weddings. On our most recent visit we shot our first wedding at The Westin Poinsett downtown. The Westin Poinsett’s elegant style coupled with the 1920s inspired decor really set the atmosphere for what was a moving ceremony and absolutely rocking reception! We had the privilege of getting to spend this special day with Megan & Andrew, and from the first phone call to the sparkler exit, our time spent with them both was great! When I first walked in to Andrew’s room after arriving a few minutes before their first look, he appeared to being going through the usual pre-wedding groom shuffle. In retrospect I’m glad we arrived when we did because I made it just in time to see Andrew’s warm up. They told us early on in the planning process that Andrew was planning on playing the guitar during the processional as his family made their way down the aisle. Being a guitar player myself, it’s literally like combining two of my favorite things, wedding photos & live guitar! Andrew told me he was going to warm up, but it was soon apparent that other than a little nervous excitement, he probably really didn’t need too, in fact, I’m almost certain he didn’t because he was awesome! He played and sang with such passion and I soon found out that not only would he playing during the processional, but he was also planning on playing to Megan during the middle of the ceremony.

After a little intimate acoustic session, and stopping by his parent’s room to get his boutonniere, it was time to get Andrew and Megan set up for their first look! As if first looks weren’t exciting enough, Megan’s smile as she approached Andrew, and Andrew’s smile as Megan wrapped him with a warm hug totally made you feel an instant connection to their moment.

Megan and Andrew had already expressed that their must have shot they were really excited about was actually on the top of the Westin. The roof of the hotel has old neon lit sign that reads “poinsett hotel” in big bold letters that shine bright into the night sky. So we made the most of our space and time with them quickly after their first look and it was on to spend time with friends and family before the ceremony began.

One thing we noticed which we thought was so cool, was how intimate of a feel their wedding ceremony had even with having such a large amount of friends and family present with their love and support. Everyone present was truly engaged in the moment with Megan & Andrew. Andrew played Megan the sweetest song as everyone watched on and soon these two would become one as they sealed their love with a kiss. Their recessional was filled with ear to ear smiles and soon, the evening would bring on even more fun! From awesome dance moves, to a live music reception that kept the party going, Megan and Andrew’s reception was everything a wedding reception should be! FUN!

Any time we get to venture out to Greenville is a good time but getting to spend the day with Megan and Andrew on their wedding was exceptional. As they exited under the warm glow of sparklers with those same joyful smiles we had been seeing all day, the sense of love and adventure hit you as these two begin their journey in marriage.

Congrats Megan and Andrew and thanks for letting us help to tell your story!

Joe & Jenny

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