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The Farm Wedding: Chelsea + Robbie

Updated: Apr 5

bride and groom holding each other in a field of flowers

We remember two big smiles and warm Starbucks coffee on the morning we met Chelsea and Robbie for the first time! We started to talk about the vision for their wedding while getting to know them and it was obvious from the get go that this was going to be an amazing day, but what was even more apparent to us was the chemistry and bond between Robbie and Chelsea. It’s absolutely infectious to be around. They are both kind souls, ridiculously sweet to each other and everyone around them, and if that wasn’t enough they both embody a joy for life and love that is not likely to be matched by many. Would it be too cheesy if we called them America’s sweethearts? (lol jk…but seriously)

Our first time getting to capture their love on camera was for their engagement session at Craggy Gardens! Many locals know about this spot but for those reading this out of town, it is a short hiking trail that leads to cliffside ledges that overlook the Blue Ridge Mountains. Did we mention the elevation is upwards of 6,000ft!? To call this view amazing would be an understatement! It is by far one of the most popular and scenic locations for locals and visitors alike. When we started shooting, these two didn’t miss a beat! They were completely themselves and at ease in front of our lenses. They made each other smile because that’s what they do and we simply captured the magic. As we ascended our way up the trail, their beautiful connection could only be matched by the incredible views and skies on this night!

After getting to spend some more time with Chelsea and Robbie we grew quite fond of them. Of course it’s always our goal to connect with our clients, but when you get to make friends in the process it makes the journey that much more special. For us it allows us to capture who they really are, and for those we serve, it allows them to trust and completely be themselves on their wedding day. Always a winning combination :)

Speaking of wedding, Chelsea and Robbie’s big day was at one of our favorite local venues here in the Asheville area, ‘The Farm’. Known for their amazing attention to detail, customer service, views, authentic decor, delicious cuisine, and sweet horses (yes we said horses) The Farm is one of those venues that always exceeds expectations and this day was no exception. Chelsea must have been so ready to get married because for the first time in history, the ladies were ready way before the guys! Although Robbie’s intricate Air Force Uniform may have had something to do with that, it was all in good time.

wedding welcome sign
horses in a field
outdoor wedding ceremony set up at the farm a gathering place
bride laughing as she gets her hair and make up done
reflection of bridesmaids dresses
bride's dress hanging on a cabin
bride's rings and earrings on her shoes
bride getting hair spray
bride showing off a note from the groom
groom's note to the bride in the bride's hands
bride and her bridal party sitting on a bed
bride's mother helping the bride with her dress
bride smiling as her mom and sister help with her dress
bride approaching her dad from behind for a first look
bride hugging her dad
bride smiling as her dad reads his note
father of the bride kissing the bride's cheek
bride and bridesmaids hanging out on a porch
bride and bridesmaids walking
fun bridal party photo
bridal party laughing together
bridal portrait of the back of the bride's dress
traditional bridal portrait next to a fence
bride's parents kissing her cheeks
sign on outside of groom's cabin
groomsman chugging a beer
groomsmen laughing
groom's details
groom's bowties
groom's brother helping him get dressed
reflection of the groom getting ready
reflection of the groom putting on his tie
two groomsmen laughing
groomsman helping groom with his suspenders
groom laughing with his groomsmen
groom's mom smiling at him
groom hugging his mom
groom portrait
close up of groom's suit
groomsmen portrait
groomsmen hanging out on a fence
groomsmen picking up the groom
candid of guests hanging out
wedding ceremony details
floral arrangement on top of a barrel
wedding guests walking in
groom's parents walking into the ceremony
wedding guests smiling in their seats
groom smiling at the officiant
groom smiling as the bride walks down the aisle
bride and her dad walking down the aisle
bride hugging her dad before the ceremony
bride holding the groom's hands
bride and groom sharing their first kiss
bride and groom walking down the aisle
full wedding party portrait
wedding party walking across a field
bridesmaids backs holding their bouquets
fun bridal party portrait in front of some horses
traditional portrait of the bride and groom smiling
bride and groom smiling at each other
groom kissing the bride on the top of her head
bride's veil floating during a portrait
bride and groom holding hands in front of an old barn
bride and groom walking towards their reception and holding hands
two men playing corn hole
wedding guests petting a horse at the venue
white wedding cake
ring on a bouquet
bridal party members piggy backing each other
bride and groom sharing their first dance
groom twirling the bride on the dance floor
groom spinning the bride on the dance floor
bride's dad giving a speech
bride crying during her dad's speech
groom laughing at a gag gift
bride dancing with her dad
mother son dance
bride and groom laughing at their table
bride talking to a table of guests

By far one of the highlights of the evening was the AWESOME live music! Chelsea and Robbie did a lot of research to find the right group for their wedding and they couldn’t have picked a more electrifying band and I don’t say that lightly. From the first dance all the way through the end of the night, The Royal Suits absolutely rocked everyone’s socks off playing old school and new, mash ups, even letting the crowd get in on some of the fun! But of course, our favorite part of the evening as it often is was getting to take Chelsea and Robbie out for golden hour portraits! We were blessed with a beautifully soft lit sky, mountains in the distance, and a field of flowers in bloom. Having shot here before with other couples, this spot is definitely one of the favorites, but prior to this we had never seen it in bloom. Based on everyone’s giddy reaction, I don’t think any of us expected it, but it was definitely a welcomed surprise! One thing that didn’t take us by surprise though, was the fact that Chelsea and Robbie picked up right where they left off with their engagement session! Having been on the go the entire day, this was an opportunity for them to take it all in and just be. After a bit more dancing, The Royal Suits brought the house down and Chelsea and Robbie would soon exit wearing those same smiles we’ve come to love over the past year!

bride and groom walking towards the mountains across a field
bride laughing while leading the groom across a field
bride and groom smiling at each other in a field of flowers
bride's bouquet
dramatic portrait of the bride during sunset
dramatic lighting portrait of the bride and groom in a field of flowers
bride and groom sitting in a field of flowers smiling at each other
bride and groom sitting together in a field of flowers
lead singer of band singing
wedding guests dancing
wedding guest dancing and singing
groom laughing while his groomsman picks him up
wedding band dancing and singing
the farm a gathering place at night
lead singer singing on a mic
bride and groom dancing with their friends
bride and her mom dancing with the bass guitarist
bride's mother hugging her on the dance floor
bride and groom exiting their wedding

Special thanks to all the amazing vendors who helped to make this day epic!

Venue: The Farm

Planning: The Farm

Hair & MU: Pop of Color

Ceremony Music: Braidstream Music

Reception Music: The Royal Suits

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