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The Palmer Building Wedding: Julia + Matt

Our most recent wedding day adventure took place in Charlotte North Carolina! With many of our amazing clients residing in this area, we’ve even started taking some day trips to explore this beautiful city so we can have some go to spots to shoot! This past weekend it was all about Julia and Matt. These two would be getting married at Amity Presbyterian Church and having their reception later in the day at The Palmer Building, just outside of downtown. Both venues were completely new to us so we arrived early to get the lay of the land! It ended up feeling like more of a reunion seeing one of our past bride and grooms and their friends and family who were close with Julia and Matt!

Julia and Matt’s friends and family did a great job of making sure these two were stress free and having a few laughs before the wedding. While the bridesmaids rehearsed a dance routine they were going to dedicate to Julia during the reception, the fellas had a great time joking around and watching a protest emerge right outside of their hotel room (seriously). Speaking of hotel rooms, I will say, often times we’re used to the ladies getting a beautiful well lit bridal suite with all the comforts of home and the guys getting a glorified storage closet to get ready in. Not on this day (lol). Matt had a spacious room at The Omni in downtown Charlotte which was a photographer’s dream!

As smooth as the beginning of the day was going, there was one oh crap moment when Matt almost saw Julia before the ceremony, but thankfully crisis averted :)

Matt and Julia had a beautiful ceremony at Amity Presbyterian. Some churches can be a bit challenging to shoot in based on available lighting, restrictions, etc. but Amity had an abundance of windows letting in plenty of natural light making our day easy. From there it was on to the party which you got the feeling that everyone had been anxiously awaiting. Having worked with a lot of this crew before for their friend Samantha’s wedding, we knew we were going to be in for a fun night full of some epic dance floor action!

After a fun filled evening that saw sister dance offs, Michael Jackson-esque moves, and some spirited wine chugging before the bar closed, the wedding day was capped off by a joyful sparkler exit that we won’t soon forget! Huge congrats to Julia and Matt on their marriage! We hope you see many more years just as happy as this awesome day!

Special thanks to all of the vendors who helped to make this day epic!

Reception Venue: The Palmer Building

Planning/Coordinating: Tate Manning - Sarah Elizabeth Events

Florals: Mai Flowers

HAMU: Ashley Carrol, Simone Carillo, & Nicole

Cake: Sandy Zotter

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