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Intimate Elopement: J + J

Updated: Mar 19

groom wrapping up the bride from behind with flowers in the foreground

Some weddings are big, some are small, and some are awesome! Julia and Jed’s was definitely 2 of the 3! After connecting with these two a few weeks prior their elopement in Fines Creek, NC, we simply could not wait until their special day! Julia and Jed opted for a more intimate ceremony with just the two of them, an officiant and of course, someone to capture all the little moments in between! Of course we did have one surprise guest a little cat who showed up to their cabin the moment they arrived. They named him snowball and he wasn’t the least bit shy. The private cabin they rented in the mountains provided the most beautiful of backdrops as the the sun began to go down. Julia and Jed helped to set the ambience with some perfectly placed candles throughout the cabin and ceremony space and before you knew it, these two were face to face, ready to say their I dos. There were a few laughs and emotional moments a long the way as they said vows they had written themselves. Probably one of the sweetest moments was when Jed read Julia a poem which he had specially picked out just for the evening. If that wasn’t enough, just look at Julia’s infectious smile! We literally couldn’t help but smile the entire time these two interacted! After the ceremony we had just enough time for some beautifully lit couples portraits around the cabin! Originally we had planned to do some trash the dress action with these two in a waterfall but due to some complications with that location Julia decided to put together some fun colored bath bomb powder and we were able trash the dress in one of the most unique ways to date!

groom smiling when he sees the bride
bride reading her vows to the groom
bride smiling at the groom while holding her flowers
groom laughing during the ceremony
bride laughing during the ceremony
bride and groom both laughing during the ceremony
groom holding his vows
bride crying during the groom reading his vows
the bride's vows in her hands
the groom laughing as the bride reads her vows
bride and groom sharing their first look
bride and groom hugging after the ceremony
bride laughing as her and the groom cut the cake
bride trying to eat a piece of cake
bride and groom smiling at each other
bride laughing as the groom holds her close
groom caressing the bride's cheek
traditional portrait of the bride and groom smiling
bride and groom both laughing as he whispers in her ear
bride and groom kissing in front of yellow flowers
groom nestling up on the bride in front of yellow flowers
bride and groom holding hands and walking together
bride and groom gazing at each other intimately
dramatic lighting portrait of the bride and groom kissing
bride and groom throwing up confetti
bride and groom being covered in confetti

Afterwards we indulged on champagne, red velvet cake, and stories! We enjoyed the photos, we enjoyed the ceremony, but more than anything we enjoyed getting to know Julia & Jed! These two are literally as sweet and genuine as they come and getting to be a part of this moment with them, no matter how brief, was an absolute pleasure!

Joe & Jenny

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