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Looking Glass Falls Engagement: B + M

Updated: Mar 16

two women holding each other in front of looking glass falls

Looking for love? Then you are totally in the right place :) In fact Brianne and McCartney’s engagement was so full of it, it took two epic locations to get it all in! Okay that was cheesy, truth be told, these beautiful ladies are adventurous souls who dig nature, love each other to death, and have a passion for both of the previously mentioned that is apparent to anyone around them! They couldn’t decide between waterfalls or mountain views for their engagement session so we figured why not the best of both worlds?!

Our first destination was Looking Glass Falls in Pisgah. For those of you that have been following us for a while, you already know this is one of our favorite spots! During the summer months it can be a bit crowded around this time of the day with families and friends enjoying the shallow swimming area created at the base of the falls. That was ultimately the situation on this visit but thankfully there’s more than one view of this beautiful landmark so we decided to start the adventure early and hop the wall to traverse some of the wet rocks and steep declines. Voila, perfect view of the falls without the crowd (your welcome)! As much as Looking Glass grabs the attention those in it’s presence, Brianne and McCartney were equally as captivating. Their joyous expressions gave us a glimpse into their hearts and we couldn’t help but smile back with our faces behind the lens.

engaged couple holding hands and walking down the stairs towards a waterfall
engaged couple with their arms around each other's back looking at a waterfall
woman laughing at something her fiance said
couple holding hands in front of a waterfall
engaged couple hiking down some rocks together
engaged couple sitting in front of some rocks watching the waterfall
traditional portrait of a couple smiling as the water rushes
engaged couple kissing in front of looking glass falls
couple sitting and holding hands together as they laugh
engaged couple doing the titanic pose
woman smiling as her fiance kisses her cheek
couple hiking up some rocks together
couple laughing as they hike together
engaged couple standing on a rock in front of a waterfall

After soaking up the falls (figuratively and literally) it was out of the valley and up the mountain to Black Balsam Knob. Being literally the most popular spot we go to for engagement photos, we are always familiar with what to expect, but the thing about the blue ridge mountains is they always tend to surprise you with a curveball or two. On this beautiful evening we were fortunate enough to dodge the rain but what we did not anticipate was the cloud cover and fog. Initially I think we were all a little bummed as it clouds the view (pun intended) but with the good vibes rolling we made a go of it up the trail! We are so glad we did because even though it was foggy, there were pockets in between where it would clear out and these little spots surrounded by the atmosphere of the fog made for such a unique setting perfectly fitting Brianne & McCartney’s engagement! By far our favorite spot was the small opening created by the tree which marks the approximate halfway point for your hike. On most days it’s a beautiful tree but on this day it was a beautiful tree wrapped mystery as the fog passed by in the background.

engaged couple sharing an intimate moment
couple laughing as they hold each other close
two ladies laughing as they hike through a field together
engaged couple going in for a kiss
couple holding each other in front of a large tree
couple kissing beside a large tree
a couple laughing together as they sit together
woman holding her fiance's hand and leading her across some rocks
engaged couple kissing while being framed by flowers

Ultimately we didn’t end up with much of a mountain view, but what we were able to create between the location, the couple, and the experience was feeling. For us, that is one of the most important elements of working with a couple that you can capture. With Brianne and McCartney, their playful passion made it that much easier but the overall atmosphere created a setting that was perfect for connecting with these ladies and sharing their love story with the world!

Thanks as always for following along!

-Joe & Jenny

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