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Brevard Lumberyard Wedding: Alexa + Dylan

Updated: Mar 8

bride and groom kissing in front of a brick wall

“Small world!” You know the old phrase. Well it couldn’t be more true than being a part of Alexa and Dylan’s wedding at Pretty Place Chapel and The Brevard Lumber Yard. Unlike some of the common ways we meet couples from just inquiries as they start their search for a wedding photographer or after capturing their proposal, we met Alexa and Dylan the old fashioned way! In person, by chance! In truth, Alexa is a talented wedding pro and was the videographer for a wedding we were working together! Dylan happened to be the best man at the same wedding. Later I also learned that I previously worked with his dad when I had a day job at the jail, small world! We didn’t know it that day but a few months later and we were having cold brews with Dylan and Alexa at Bold Rock talking about the vision for their wedding! If you can’t tell by their photos, these two are cute as can be, hilarious, and just genuinely good people! They absolutely rocked their engagement session later that year and we literally couldn’t wait until their big day!

As you do in a small world, we got see so many familiar faces! That groom we previously mentioned, Cody, was now Dylan’s best man, and as the day progressed, we felt like it was a small reunion getting to re-connect with many friendly faces we hadn’t seen in a while! Alexa and Dylan held their ceremony at Pretty Place Chapel with the rest of their day taking place at The Brevard Lumber Yard! We had previously been to their ceremony space that month for the first time and knew it was going to be special, but this would be our first time visiting the Lumber Yard and we were stoked as both location had so much unique character! For us it was a dream wedding and not just because of the cool venues, but because of Alexa and Dylan. You heard me say earlier how genuine and fun they both were, and that definitely spread to those around them. The entire day we felt like we were hanging out at a party with friends. Yes we snapped a lot photos, yes we still had a timeline to follow, but more than that, we were a part of a special connection. The special connection they shared with each other, and that special connection they shared with all of their friends and family present on this beautiful day! We’re sure you’ll soon see and we hope you enjoy following along on Alexa and Dylan’s wedding!

single flower on table
brevard lumber co event space for weddings
wedding reception tables
antique styling on wedding reception tables
assorted cups on wedding tables
card box made out of an old suitcase
bar menu
antique window seating chart
dessert table
stack of dough nuts
wedding cake
bride's ring in a heart shaped box
bride's ring in a box shaped like a heart
bride smiling in the mirror
candid moment of bride laughing at a friend
bride's dress hanging on a barn door
bride's shoes below her dress
bride's mother helping her button up her dress
bride reacting to her wedding gift of custom wedding shoes
groom laughing with his buddies
groom's party walking down the road
groom's party hanging out against an old brick wall
groom awaiting the bride's arrival for a first look
bride approaching the groom from behind
bride tapping groom on the shoulder for first look
groom reacting to seeing the bride for the first time
bride laughing as the groom holds her
bride and groom kissing in front of an old brick wall logo
full wedding party taking a shot of liquor
bride and her friends taking shots
bride and her mother walking into the ceremony venue
wedding ceremony welcome sign at pretty place chapel
foggy day at pretty place chapel
pretty place chapel shot from the cliff perspective
bride and her bridesmaids laughing
groom laughing with his friends
groom's friend hugging his mom
gibson guitar sitting on a stand
the cross at pretty place chapel
groom and his friend walking towards the venue
unplugged wedding ceremony sign
wedding guests looking at their cell phone
groom and his mom walking into the ceremony
bride's father walking her in to the ceremony
groom smiling as he sees the bride walking down the aisle
bride and her father at the altar
bride holding the groom's hands during the ceremony
pretty place chapel wedding ceremony
wedding ceremony at pretty place chapel
bride and groom sharing their first kiss at pretty place chapel
groom hugging his brother after the ceremony
bride hugging her sister after the ceremony
wedding party acting goofy
traditional portrait of the bride and groom at pretty place chapel
bride and groom kissing at pretty place chapel
bride and groom holding each other close on the edge of a cliff
groom kissing the bride on the cheek
bride laughing as the groom says something in her ear
groom smiling at the bride during their first dance
bride smiling at the groom during the first dance
bride and groom sharing their first dance at brevard lumber yard
bride taking a photo with her friend
wedding guest dancing
bride and groom holding hands side by side in front of the brevard lumber yard
maid of honor giving a speech
wedding guests raising their glasses
groom smiling during his brother's speech
father of the groom giving a toast
groom's mom giving a speech
father daughter dance
bride and her dad hugging on the dance floor
groom laughing during the mother son dance
wedding guests snapping photos of first dance
groom smiling as he hugs his mother
wedding guests laughing while they dance
bride and groom exiting their wedding during sunset
bride and groom kissing during their sparkler exit

Ceremony Venue: Pretty Place Chapel

Reception Venue: The Brevard Lumber Yard

Make up: Lgfxmakeup

Hair: Christy Wright

Florals: DIY (Family)

DJ: AJ Martin

Catering: Polanco

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