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Looking Glass Falls Proposal: B + L

It seems waterfall proposals are getting pretty popular as of late and we’re totally cool with that! During winter, many of the popular waterfall and mountain locations that we have all grown to love, tend to slow down when it comes to foot traffic. As photographers in this area, we’re blessed with the opportunity to take our clients to beautiful places regularly but during certain seasons it can get pretty crowded. Sometimes to the point where we don’t even recommend some of our favorite spots during specific times of the year as it can totally kill the vibe you’re likely going for with engagement photos or a romantic proposal. It’s not a dig on explorers and travelers, heck we love watching a warm mountain sunset more than one with the wind chill temps in the teens too! But, I will say we’ve grown to appreciate winter for its peacefulness. If you’re willing to endure the weather, you can often have some of the most scenic places in the world (arguably) all to your self. One recent surprise engagement we got to be a part of was Benjamin’s proposal to Lindsey! After discussing many of the romantic options available on his trip up from FL, Benjamin knew Looking Glass Falls would be the perfect spot! It didn’t matter that it was going to be in the low 20s or that the raging falls would likely mist them as they approached, he knew the beauty of this location would be the perfect backdrop to celebrate his love and get down on one knee! Our toes were numb, our fingers were getting there, but our hearts were warmed when we saw Lindsey’s reaction! She covered up her face in the rush of the moment, but there was never any doubt that she said yes! We hope you enjoy following along on Benjamin and Lindsey’s proposal!

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