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Max Patch Anniversary Session: B + P

In the last couple of years, anniversary sessions have begun to take up more and more space on our calendar and for good reason. Because they are awesome! Seriously, whether you decide to do one every year, or decide to have one at your 5 years anniversary, etc. By the time you find yourselves at an anniversary session, you’ve likely already been through an engagement session, a wedding day, and in some cases even a bridal or proposal thrown somewhere in there. At this point, most of the couples we’ve been blessed and fortunate enough to work with are so comfortable with each other, and in front of the camera that an anniversary session is usually so easy for them. There’s no nerves, or awkwardness, and in most cases their chemistry on camera is fuego! Brooke and Phillip were no exception to this!

Brooke contacted us months before her and Phillip’s Anniversary! She told us they were going to be in Asheville for an extended weekend to celebrate and while they were there they wanted to schedule an anniversary session as part of their celebration! Now these kind of sessions can be more laid back and take on the form of an engagement, but you can also get as dressed up as you would like. Brooke informed us she would be wearing her wedding dress (winning!). We connected with Brooke a couple of years prior when she was the matron of honor for her friend Kim’s wedding whom we were shooting, so we already knew she looked great in a dress! We shot some ideas her way for vibe she was going for, location, look, etc. but each time she told us, “We trust you 100%, you guys do whatever you want.” Any portrait or wedding photographer will tell you, that combination of words before a shoot is pretty much the ultimate! We did throw a few locations we were thinking of her and Phillip’s way and again she told us, “You pick.” We decided on Max Patch and looking back now, it fit them perfectly! It’s one of those locations that really is special. Talking to one of my friends the other day who also shoots there often, he even described Max Patch as having its ‘own special light.’ When you catch a sunset up there on a clear day, it’s hard to argue. During this time of the year, there’s also the added bonus of having a winter crowd which is about 1/5 the size of a summer crowd so it almost feels like you have the place to yourself. It’s not uncommon to see an elopement throughout the year at popular locations like this, so the times we did run into someone Brooke and Phillip almost always received a big “Congrats guys!” During the evening we learned about their story, and felt their connection! As the wind grew stronger and the temps dropped, they held each other closer and closer. We thought to ourselves at the time, it can’t get any better but, we were soon greeted by one of those breathtaking sunsets Max Patch is known for and it made for the perfect ending for their beautiful session! We hope you all enjoy following along!

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