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The Farm at Brusharbor Wedding: K + M

Updated: Mar 5

creative lighting silhouette of bride and groom

Katie and Morgan’s wedding day was right at the end of January and set just outside of Charlotte at the beautifully rustic venue, The Farm at Brusharbor! This was our first visit and we’re definitely hoping it won’t be the last! As we pulled on to the property our eyes and imaginations started wandering with amazement with all of the potential spots and angles all around us! There were elements of forrest that were heavily wooded, the red barn, the covered pavilion, little paths strewn throughout, basically a photographer’s dream! On top of this, we were beyond excited to be working with Katie and Morgan again! You may remember these cuties from their engagement at the beginning of October (click here to see the awesomeness!). Having worked with them for their engagement session, we knew Katie and Morgan were as sweet as they come and dynamite when it came to their chemistry on camera! We figured that in addition to all the excitement and emotions of a wedding day, would only make things that much better! Fleeting moments of laughter between friends and tender moments of love shared between family & friends characterized this day perfectly! We hope you all enjoy following along, and yes, you may want to get your tissues for this one ;)

wedding hashtag sign at entrance of reception barn
rustic table design in the reception
table florals in front of lights
wedding party farm table in the reception area
round wedding table design in the reception space
pictures of the bride and groom when they were younger
I spy wedding game
antique truck and blankets
wedding ceremony backdrop
portrait of the groom looking to his right
the groom smiling at his son
father of the bride awaiting her arrival for a first look
bride's dad reacting to seeing her for the first time
bride's dad wiping away tears
wedding ceremony welcome sign
basket for blankets
wedding guest playing the guitar
young boy and girl walking underneath an umbrella
the bride and her dad walking in underneath an umbrella
groom awaiting the bride's arrival to the ceremony
the bride and her dad smiling as they walk down the aisle
the groom crying as the bride walks down the aisle
groom reacting to seeing the bride for the first time
the groom's son reaching out and touching the groom
bride's father kissing her on the cheek during the ceremony
the bride and groom smiling at each other during the ceremony
wedding ceremony at the farm at brusharbor
the groom and officiant laughing during the ceremony
the bride laughing during the wedding ceremony
wedding guest laughing during the ceremony
groom's grandfather saying a prayer
bride's mother and father watching the ceremony
two little kids holding hands during the ceremony
bride and groom's kids helping with the ceremony cross
bride and groom sharing their first kiss
bride and groom smiling as they walk back down the aisle
bride and groom kissing at the end of the aisle
groomsman walking the grandmother out
groomsman walking the great grandmother out
full wedding party portrait under the pavilion
bride and bridesmaids laughing
the bride smiling while wrapping her self around the groom's arm
bride smiling as the groom kisses her on the cheek
bride and groom laughing as they touch noses
dramatic lighting portrait of the bride and groom holding each other close
creative motion blur silhouette against the barn
bride and groom entering the reception
bride and groom sharing their first dance
groom smiling at the bride during their first dance
bride and groom holding each other close during their first dance
groom laughing during the first dance
dessert table
doughnut board
white wedding cake with gold topper
brownie tray
bride's father giving a speech
bride and groom laughing during the bride's father's speech
maid of honor giving a toast
bride hugging her maid of honor
bride's brother giving a funny speech as everyone laughs
best man giving a toast
groom's brother giving a toast
bride dancing with her father
father of the bride smiling during the father daughter dance
groom holding back tears during his toast
groom dancing with his mother
wedding guests crying during mother son dance
bride and groom cutting the cake
creative lighting night time shot of the bride and groom kissing underneath an umbrella
bride laughing while her and the groom play the shoe game
groom laughing during the shoe game
wedding guests dancing
creative lighting dance floor shot
little girls dancing
people on the dance floor giving a high five
groom dancing and singing with his friend
bride and her friend laughing on the dance floor
groom's grandparents dancing
bride and groom slow dancing with their children
bride and groom laughing at each other on the dance floor
wedding guests circled up dancing
bride and groom slow dancing shot through wedding guests legs
bridesmaid singing on the dance floor
bride and groom exiting through all of their guests
bride and groom running out into the rain

Special thanks to all of the awesome wedding vendors & family who contributed to this amazing day!

Decor: DIY (family)

Hair & MU: Hair Artistry (Sarah)

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