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Looking Glass Falls Engagement: Tim + JD

We recently had the opportunity to connect with Tim and JD for their beautiful engagement session at Looking Glass Falls and on a 1-10 for awesomeness, these cuties totally get an 11! I knew Tim’s sister from Bootcamp and after that we soon became facebook friends too so I felt like I started to get a sense of what these two were about and on the day of their session, it was like meeting someone you felt like you’ve known forever. From the get go Tim and JD were so at ease with each other and their chemistry on camera was to die for! If that wasn’t enough, they totally get bonus points for being adventurous! Even though it’s been warming up lately in the WNC area, that mountain water is still as cold as ever and neither of them so much as hesitated for a second when we suggested the idea of maybe getting in the water for a few cool shots! To quote JD, “It’s all about the gram!” (LOL). If that wasn’t enough afterwards, when they switched outfits, Tim realized his pants got a little more wet than anticipated so in order to make sure they looked good, he went back down to the water after changing and completely soaked his pants so they were all one even color (….and the dedication award goes to!). We are so happy for these guys and we hope you enjoy following along on their engagement!

Big congrats to Tim and JD!

-Jenny & Joe

#engagement #lookingglassfalls

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