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Brianne + McCartney: The Farm a Gathering Place Wedding

Updated: Mar 5

two brides kissing at the farm a gathering place

Remember these beautiful faces? If not then you should totally click here to see their adventurous engagement! For their wedding day, they traded in the wild outdoors of their engagement session for the unrivaled rustic elegance of The Farm a Gathering Place in Candler, NC! Having visited The Farm a lot in the past few years, and having gotten to know Brianne and McCartney better than we ever thought possible (no seriously we used to run into them like once or twice a week, apparently we both LOVE coffee), we knew this would be a perfect match for their special day, and man, was it ever!? The seemingly unpredictable weather around Asheville was in true form as the days leading up to their wedding looked like it might be a wash out! I think Brianne had wrapped her head around the idea that it was going to be a rainy get together for most of the day as I joked with her via instagram that she shouldn’t even mention the ‘R’ word! As fate would have it, it did rain, BUT the majority of their wedding day saw the sun shinning and blue skies!

For the purposes of playing it safe they decided to move their ceremony indoors. We were familiar with the reception space at The Farm for receptions, but this will mark the first time we’ve shot a ceremony inside there and let me just say, we can hardly wait for the next one! Between the natural light pouring in, the colorful floral arrangements provided by our friends at The Never Ending Flower Farm, and the fireplace backdrop, it was such a lovely ceremony space!

As the day began with these beautiful brides everyone was all smiles! You could feel the nervous excitement from both of them, but never to the point of stress, just an anxious feeling of ‘OMG I can’t wait!’. Along with their family, our good friend Julia from Heartfelt Elopements was there to help provide some of her comfort and calming presence! As she helped with dresses, and any little thing they needed, we snapped away at all the little beautiful moments and laughed right along with them! As it often is, one of our favorite memories from this special day was Brianne and McCartney’s first look! This was one of those parts of the day where the weather was cooperating and shortly after she finished getting ready, McCartney’s mom and sister helped her get into place! McCartney decided she wanted to have their first look under the Gazebo on property where they were originally going to get married! With the way the light was glowing, we knew this would be the perfect spot! After waiting for what I’m sure seemed like forever to her, McCartney was soon greeted by Brianne as she approached from the path behind her. Her face was that of absolute delight and much like their engagement session, these two absolutely resonated love!

modern farm house inspired wedding decor
wedding sign in table
wedding ceremony backdrop with florals
table florals for the reception tables
antique plate place settings
indoor wedding ceremony space at the farm a gathering place
bold yellow wedding cake
both bride's initials on the wedding cake platform
wedding table florals with lights behind them
flowers on a cocktail table
round reception tables
wedding welcome sign
unplugged wedding ceremony sign
flowers on top of a barrel
horses grazing
bride's ring holder
both bride's rings
both bride's wedding dresses hanging on their cabin
polaroids of brides getting ready
bride looking at her hair in the mirror
bride and her friend laughing
bride's sister helping her put on her dress
bride looking out the window
bride getting her dress tied
bride's mother overlooking her dress
bride's friend helping her tie her dress
bride lifting her dress
bride waiting for the first look
bride walking towards the first look
both brides awaiting first look
bride reacting to seeing her bride for the first time
both brides holding hands and laughing
bride helping the other bride with her tears
one bride showing off her dress
traditional portrait of the brides smiling
bride kissing her bride on the cheek
both brides smiling
both bride's bouquets
bridal portrait under a gazebo
vogue bridal portrait under a gazebo at the farm

wedding guests signing in
musicians playing before the ceremony
wedding guests enjoying a cocktail
the farm a gathering place wedding venue
officiant smiling as she approaches the ceremony
bride and her father entering the ceremony
the other bride also walking down the aisle with both of her dads
brides standing in front of each other during the cermony
both brides looking at each other during the wedding ceremony
indoor wedding ceremony at the farm a gathering place
bride smiling during the wedding ceremony
both brides holding hands
bride's sharing their first kiss
both brides smiling as they exit the ceremony
bride leading her bride across an open field in front of horses
both brides interacting with  horse
horse portrait
sweetheart table shot from behind
sweetheart table shot from the front
wedding guests talking at their table
bride's friend giving a welcome speech
bride's laughing during the welcome speech
bride's mother giving a toast
both brides laughing during a toast
bride's father gesturing how large something was
bride's mother giving a speech
bride's father giving a toast
bride's father smiling during his toast
bride wiping away tears during her dad's toast
bride and her friend hugging
bride's cutting the cake
brides sharing their first dance
bride smiling at the other bride during the first dance
parents onlooking during their daughters' first dance
both brides hugging after their dance
dj's hands mixing music
bride dancing with her friends
wedding guest dancing with the bride
bride dancing with her dad
wedding guest playing the drums
bride dancing with her father
creative lighting portrait of the brides kissing
brides kissing underneath an umbrella
both brides showing off their dance moves

After a many heartfelt speeches, these ladies danced the night away with family and friends! From beginning to end it was such a fun wedding! Getting to know Brianne and McCartney throughout this journey was a pleasure for us! To echo much of the speech out friend Julia gave during their reception, we feel honored and privileged to have been a part of their story and even more so to have made two new friends along the way! Congratulations ladies and a big thanks to all the amazing vendors who helped make this day AWESOME!

Planning/Coordinating: The Farm a Gathering Place

Hair & Make up: Anarie

Ceremony Music: Benjamin T. Warner

Reception Music: Benjamin T. Warner

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