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Sunrise Engagement Session: Black Balsam Knob

Updated: Mar 5

man and woman holding hands and hiking up a mountain

It’s funny how the years unfold. This time last year we were just kicking off our season weddings and we had already shot a ton of engagements with so many awesome couples! Fast forward to this year and those two have completely reversed! It has been nonstop with weddings this year and a little less on the engagements (thanks rain!). Thankfully, everything worked out for the best with Sara and Jake’s engagement session this past month! These cuties were traveling from New York for their friend’s wedding and decided WNC would be the perfect place for their photos! Due to some last minute adverse weather on the horizon, we had to schedule their sunset engagement for sunrise with about a day’s notice. Sara and Jake were total troopers and they didn’t hesitate at all when even though they were going to have to get up before the sunrise to meet us in time for the hike up Black Balsam Knob. For those of you that have followed along on our adventures, you know Black Balsam is one of our couples’ favorite locations and even though we’ve been there a ton in the past few years, this was our first sunrise session. Based on that beautiful sky, and the lack of crowd, we’re definitely going to be aiming for more beautiful mornings here! Once our shutters started clicking, it didn’t take long for these two to start shining! Sara and Jake have that kind of chemistry on camera that make us smile the entire time we’re shooting! They absolutely rocked their engagement session and literally moments before making it back to our vehicles, the rain started coming down heavy! Perfect timing. As always, thank you all for following along and we hope you enjoy!

engaged couple kissing during sunrise in the mountains
couple laughing together
engaged couple smiling at each other
woman laughing as her fiance hugs her from behind
woman smiling as her fiance kisses her temple
woman smiling at the camera as her fiance holds her
couple sitting together in the mountains
woman laughing at something her fiance said
couple resting heads on each other as they sit in the mountains
engaged couple kissing
couple holding hands and hiking down the mountain
backlit portrait of a couple kissing on a trail

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