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Engagement Session at Black Balsam: C+R

Updated: Mar 5

engaged couple kissing on a mountaintop during sunset

Do you ever have those instances where you meet someone and it’s like everything little thing was meant to be? Well that’s totally how we feel about Chelsea and Ryan! We first connected with Chelsea in January of this year as she was searching for a wedding photographer for her big day! The more we talked via email and eventually on the phone, the more we felt like these two were literally a perfect match for us! We discovered they were getting married at Chestnut Ridge, they wanted a mountain engagement, they wanted to include their fur baby, they both had roughly the same college background as me, and they both have a desire and willingness to help others. Basically, they are our people :)

It took 5 months but we finally go to meet on the day of their engagement session at Black Balsam! It was so worth the wait! It had finally warmed back up and we were getting some green on the trees. We also got to meet their dog Baker who is the absolute cutest (seriously look at that face)! Sometimes dogs can get a little anxious waiting around and watching their humans interact without them so we decided to start off with Baker and he did awesome! Chelsea and Ryan had actually worked with him on holding a save the date sign in his mouth and he totally nailed it on the first try! From there we let Baker relax and we utilized by far our favorite section of the enchanted forrest (as we call it). The light always seems to come through perfectly at this time of day and as an added bonus, the campers to the right of us had a campfire going which added just bit of atmosphere when the smoke hit the sun rays coming through the trees (winning!). Then there was Chelsea and Ryan. Not sure there is any way else to say it, but these two rocked it and we’ve come to the conclusion that they can do no wrong on camera. Their chemistry added to that golden glow of sunset made for a pretty amazing evening in the mountains and one that left us super excited for their big day! Thank you as always for following along and we hope you enjoy!

traditional portrait of a couple and their dog
couple kissing their dog on the cheek as it holds a save the date sign
engaged couple crouched down with their dog smiling
man whispering in his fiance's ear as she smiles
man whispering in his fiance's ear in the woods
couple smiling and sitting with their dog
man wrapping up his fiance from behind in the golden sunlight
man smiling at his fiance as she looks down at her dress
woman kissing her fiance on the cheek during golden hour
man's arms wrapped around his fiance
woman laying with her fiance in a field of grass
couple laying in an open field together
man kissing his fiance on the forehead in front of the mountains
couple holding each other close during sunset at black balsam knob
woman smiling at her fiance during golden hour at black balsam knob
couple holding hands and standing side by side in the golden hour light
woman hugging on her fiance's shoulder from behind
engaged couple sharing a sweet moment as a woman kisses her fiance's shoulder
engaged couple going in for a kiss during golden hour
man caressing his fiance in by the cheek
couple smiling with their dog in the mountains
engaged couple playing with their dog in the mountains
couple wrapping their arms around each other watching the sunset
dramatic lighting portrait of a couple kissing during sunset
environmental portrait fo a couple kissing at black balsam knob

Joe and Jenny

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