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Summer Wedding at The Crest Center: K + K

Updated: Mar 2

bride caressing in the groom as he wraps her up from behind

If you’re looking for that Asheville summer wedding inspiration, look no further! Kaitey and Kevin tied the knot this past June at The Crest Center and Pavilion! Fun fact, it was actually the day after this wedding and made for an epic ending to a fun filled weekend! You may remember these cuties from their engagement last year at Sierra Nevada and The Biltmore! How could you forget that that beautiful blue dress (all the heart eyes!)?

engaged couple standing in front of sierra nevada brewing

man kissing his fiance on the temple at the biltmore

Besides being just two awesome people, Kaitey and Kevin are a couple we’ve grown quite fond of over the past year! We’ve ran into each other the gym, we’ve shared some great local brews at Catawba, and Kaitey even helped us tremendously this past year when we were in a pinch in between dog sitters! Simply put they are one of those couples you can’t help but love and we think you’ll see that in their images!

Their wedding ceremony was set at the beautiful Graham Chapel at Montreat, also where Kevin went to college! As he shot some hoops with he fellas, Kaitey and her lovely bunch of ladies rocked the their bridal suite at The Hyatt Place in downtown Asheville. Also, not a plug for Hyatt but this bridal suite is to die for! From there, it was off to the The Crest Center for their reception! Between their party and the beautiful mountain sunset at Crest, it was an epic evening and one that we’re stoked to have shared with Kaitey and Kevin!

groom playing basketball before the ceremony
groom shooting hoops
groom getting ready to take off his shirt
groomsman helping groom with his tie
groom's friend helping him with his tie
groom fixing his hair in the mirror
bride reading a note from the groom
bride smiling after ready the groom's note
bride's shoes and jewelry
bride's jewelry sitting on a wedding invite
bride's shoes in the foreground while her dress hangs in the background
bridal party sitting in robes on a couch
bride smiling as she puts her earrings on
bride showing off the back of her dress in front of large windows
bride talking to her bridesmaids on the shuttle
bride and groom's ceremony chapel
wedding welcome sign
graham chapel ceremony space at montreat
groom waiting to see the bride
bride smiling as she approaches the groom
groom turning around to see the bride
groom smiling when seeing the bride for the first time
bride and groom hugging
groom wiping away tears
bride and groom smiling at each other
bride smiling big at the groom
bridal portrait in front of greenery
bride and groom holding hands and walking
bride and groom walking down a sidewalk together
bride smiling at the camera while being wrapped around the groom's arm
portrait of the bride laughing
traditional bridal party portrait
all the bridal party's bouquets lined up
candid moment of the groom laughing
groomsmen laughing
traditional groom's party portrait
groom smiling in the foreground as the groomsmen hang in the background
bride looking out a window with her bouquet
bride showing off his socks
wedding guests hanging out and laughing
groom hugging a friend
wedding guests laughing
wedding guest laughing inside the chapel
groom awaiting the arrival of the bride
bride's father walking her down the aisle
wedding guests looking at the bride coming down the aisle
groom smiling at the bride during the ceremony
bride and groom holding hands during the ceremony
wedding ceremony shot from outside the doors
wedding ceremony shot from the perspective of the second story
bride and groom sharing their first kiss
bride and groom smiling during their recessional
bride and groom holding onto the trolley polls
bridal party members getting beers
wedding party cheering beers
wedding party portrait in front of a bus
wedding seating chart
wedding table set up in the reception space
wedding farm table at crest center and pavilion
lights hanging over the bridal party table
white wedding cake
bride and groom laughing and entering the reception
bride smiling at the groom during their first dance
groom twirling bride on the dance floor
bride laughing during the first dance
bride and groom sharing an intimate moment on the dance floor
bride laughing with her friends during the reception
groom laughing with his friends
bride taking a photo with her friends
maid of honor giving speech
bride and groom laughing at the maid of honor speech
bride and groom laughing at the best man speech
father daughter dance
groom kissing his mom on the forehead
groom dancing with his daughter
bride and groom smiling at each other in front of a tree line
traditional portrait of the couple smiling in front of downtown asheville
groom kissing bride on the forehead
groom nestling up on the bride from behind
dramatic lighting portrait during sunset of the bride and groom holding each other
bride and groom kissing during sunset
wedding guests having fun
wedding guests dancing
groom dancing with his buddy
bride dancing with his friends
bride's friend dancing
bride and groom dancing on the dance floor
bride and groom exiting their wedding reception

As always, big thanks to this amazing team of wedding vendors!

Ceremony Venue: Graham Chapel

Planning/Coordinating: Carolina Love Events

Hair and Make up: Flawless Airbrush

Transportation: The Trolley Co.

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