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Fall wedding at The Crest Center: J+M

Updated: Feb 29

married couple holding hands and walking in front of a fall colored tree

2019 was filled with so much abundance and there is no place that is more true than our schedules! We’ve been a part so many beautiful weddings and we’ve wanted to feature all of them on our blog but between editing, shooting, and traveling for the holidays, it’s definitely been minimal. That all ends today my friends! Get ready to meet one of the most fun and genuine couples we’ve had the pleasure of connecting with this past year, Mike and Jess! I remember getting to meet them for the first time at Trade and Lore Coffee in downtown Asheville and thinking “How cool are these two!?” Jess and Mike were telling us all about their travels around the world, showing us visuals from their instagram, and painting a picture of their lives together. Basically, they were living the life we all dream of! After getting to know them and the vision for their wedding day, we could hardly wait for their date to arrive!

Their wedding day started at The Cathedral of All Souls in Biltmore village, and finished at The Crest Center & Pavilion! We also made a little pit stop at Hi-wire Brewing on the way! Jess and Mike’s wedding day was as fun and beautiful as we imagined it to be. From the well thought out details to the non-stop dance floor action, this was easily one of our favorite weddings in 2019. Like most wedding days we always have a favorite memory or event from the day and for us it was the time getting to capture gorgeous portraits and unique shots throughout the day for both of them. They told us during their initial meeting that short of getting married and enjoying the day with family, photos were THE most important thing to them. If we needed them to move spots, if we had any ideas we wanted to try. If we saw that the light changed, or that the sunset was going to be epic, we were told don’t hesitate to grab them. As a wedding photographer, this is the equivalent of someone with a normal job being told by their supervisor “Hey, you do whatever you need to do to make everything exceptional. Be creative, use all of your resources, nothing is off the table, you have my full and unwavering support no matter what!” We honestly can’t thank them enough for that level of trust and freedom. Being able to make these kind of connections is what we value most and in turn it allows us to provide our couples with the best possible memories and imagery from their big day! In an industry so consumed by ‘sticking to the timeline’ and only ending up with 10-15 minutes of an entire wedding day to devote towards couples portraits, this kind of autonomy is one the greatest gifts you can receive as a creative. Did we mention the fall color or perfect golden hour?! (insert heavenly awwwwwes!) We hope you all enjoy following along!

portrait of the groom shot through a fireplace glass
groom kissing bride on the cheek at crest center and pavilion
bride smiling as the groom hugs her from behind
groom hugging bride from behind in front of fall colored trees
traditional portrait of the bride and groom smiling
groom caressing the bride in by the cheek
groom kissing bride underneath her veil
bride and groom walking in front of a fall colored tree line
bride and groom laughing as they hold each other
dramatic lighting sunset portrait of the bride and groom looking opposite directions
golden hour bridal portrait of the bride looking down at her shoulder
bride and groom holding each other during sunset at crest center and pavilion
bride and groom smiling during their sparkerl exit at crest center

Big congrats to Mike and Jess! We seriously can’t thank you guys enough for allowing us to be a small part of your big journey. We wish you both the absolute best!

~Special thank you to all of the amazing vendors!~

Planning/Coordinating: Carolina Love Events

Make up: Anarie

Officiant: Mike Desario

Transportation: GrayLine Trolley

Catering: M7

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