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Fall Wedding at The Parker Mill : C + S

Updated: Jan 26

married couple holding hands and running in the mountains

You probably thought you were done seeing Parker Mill weddings from last year, but wait, there’s more! :) This was actually our last wedding at The Parker Mill from 2022 and boy was it one for the books! Meet Sam and Cam! We’ve grown to know and love these two over the last year. From the first email we received from Cam, we could tell she was such a positive energy, sweet, and putting off a vibe for fun! Fast forward to a few months later in Charlotte for these cutie’s engagement session! We followed Cam & Sam on IG so we knew they were characters and not afraid to be themselves. They share a carefree and playful love that I think all couples would be lucky to have. But there is also a deep passion that is obvious to anyone around these two for just a few minutes. As you can imagine, they crushed their engagement session as we had some fun in Charlotte!

After their engagement we were eager and excited for Sam and Cam’s wedding day. We always love getting to visit The Parker Mill and we just knew it was going to be a blast with these two. It was a day filled with emotion on so many different levels. There were so many tears of joy. There were tears of laughter and even a memorable moment of frustration (ask Sam and Cam about the first look, lol!). All jokes aside, it was exactly as it was supposed to be for Sam and Cam. They were surrounded by a close knit group of friends & family giving them all of their love and support! They had a beautiful setting to take in the moment, and most importantly, they got to share in that with each other. Big congrats and much love to Cam and Sam!

parker mill welcome sign

Mountain view frame between two barn doors at the parker mill

natural greenery decor for a wedding ceremony set up

fall wedding reception decor at the parker mill

doughnut bar

wedding dress hanging on a barn door

white bouquet sitting next to shiny heels

the bride receiving her final make up touches

the bride smiling in the mirror while showing off her purse in the bridal suite

candid capture of the bride laughing in a reflection

dramatic portrait of the bride sitting in a chair while having her hair and make up completed

bride's dress being zipped

the bridesmaids reacting to seeing the bride in her dress for the first time

the bride tearing up

candid capture of the groom and groomsmen watching footaball

the groom laughing and hanging out

the groomsmen hanging out and enjoying the view at the parker mill

the groom and groomsmen toasting

the groom putting on her shoes

the groom buttoning up his jacket

groom adjusting his cuff link

solo portrait of the groom in front of the mountains

laid back portrait of the groom sitting in the pew

groom awaiting the bride for their first look

the groom laughing as he sees his bride for the first time

bride holding groom close and smiling after seeing her for the first time

bride and groom sitting in a pew and laughing together

silhouette image of couple in front of the mountains while being framed by the parker mill pavilion

couple kissing while being framed by the parker mill pavilion

bridal portrait in front of the mountains at the parker mill

the groom's mom walking him down the aisle

groom reaction to bride walking down the aisle

The bride's father walking her down the aisle

the groom crying during the ceremony

bride and groom holding hands and smiling during the wedding ceremony

wedding ceremony under the pavilion at the parker mill

groomsman standing with the bride and groom's dogs

bride and groom sharing their first kiss

bride and groom celebrating while walking down the aisle

bride and bridesmaids laughing

Full bridal party

groom and groomsmen

the bride and groom smiling with their dogs

the groom twirling the bride in front of the mountain view

the groom sweeping the bride off her feet while she caresses his face

bride and groom standing side by side and holding hands

bride and groom holding hands during sunset

bride and groom laughing as the groom wraps her up

bride and groom holding hands and running in front of the mountains

bride and groom holding each other close as they enjoy the view at the parker mill

bride and groom having their first dance

father daughter dance

the bride and her friends having a good time on the dance floor

the bride and bridesmaids partying it up on the dance floor

bride dancing with a wedding guest

Planning/Coordinating: The Whole Shebang Events

Desserts: Vortex Doughnuts

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