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Fields of Blackberry Cove Wedding: S + J

Fall was so insanely busy last year that we ended up at the same wedding venue twice in one week, a feat that’s rarely accomplished! One of those days was for Sabryna and Justin’s wedding at The Fields of Blackberry Cove! Getting to write these blogs from my perspective always gives a little more insight as to what’s going on with the groom on any given wedding and if I had to sum it up in one word I would say FUN! Justin was definitely one of the most fun grooms we’ve had the pleasures of getting to know. From drinking with his buddies right out of the pitcher to a plethora of dance floor antics, Justin could keep a smile on anybody’s face. Thankfully for us he put that smile on Sabryna’s face and the rest is history!

For us, this has always been one of our favorite venues. It showcases so much of the natural beauty that Asheville & the surrounding areas are known for and especially this time of year! We shared that mutual feeling with Justin and Sabryna and we incorporated as much as we could into their couples photos! What do you get when you combine all of those good vibes, beautiful scenery, and a madly in love couple? If you guessed an epic wedding day, you would be correct! Enjoy guys!

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