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Highland Brewing Wedding Asheville: E + L

Updated: Feb 22

bride and groom standing in front of highland brewing co

When we look back on LaTara and Eric’s wedding at Highland Brewing Company we can’t help but think of how meant to be their special day felt! The first time we connected with LaTara was when she called us as we were driving to Linville Gorge for an engagement session. Anyone whose ever driven out that way knows that once you get close there is limited if any signal, but on this day, the signal was strong! Not to mention the odds of everything lining up timing-wise. We soon learned LaTara was a Sgt. in the US Air Force and stationed in Alaska. Just a few time zones differences but somehow by chance, everything lined up! We soon learned she was getting married at Highland Brewing Co. here in Asheville and she was working with our friends from Smash Events! (Double yes!!!) This is one of our favorite venues in the area and everybody on the Smash team is A-mazing!

Given the timezones and both of our crazy schedules we knew that communication would be somewhat limited before the their big day but thankfully we were all able to meet the week before their wedding! Remember that notion of everything being meant to be? Getting to meet her and Eric was like hanging with two old friends! We enjoyed warm brews at Odd’s Cafe in West Asheville and shared many laughs as the hours passed by quickly. We knew we were going to be in for an epic time when their big day finally arrived!

Easily our favorite part of their wedding day was their first touch! If you’re not familiar with that term, it’s similar to a first look but the bride and groom don’t see each other. In most weddings they will hold hands around a corner, pray together, or say their vows to one another before the ceremony. Eric and LaTara decided hold hands and just share a few words but it soon turned into one of the most emotional moments we’ve been blessed to document during a wedding day. Eric kept his eyes closed to save the surprise for down the aisle at LaTara’s request, but before we knew it, they went from laughing and holding hands to wiping away tears and holding each other close. It was one of those moments we absolutely live for and one of those couples we couldn’t help but love! We think you will too, enjoy everyone!

makeup artist putting lipstick on the bride
the bride smiling at her daughter
the bride getting lipstick put on
the bride and her daughter's dress hanging together
tropical inspired bridal details
the bride putting her earrings on in the mirror
the bride putting a flower crown on her daughter
the bride's shoes and jewelry
the bride putting her daughter's dress on
the bridesmaids helping the flower girl get ready
the bride's mother helping her put on her dress
bride looking out the window
traditional portrait of the bride smiling
the bride stretching out on her bed
the bride laughing as the bridesmaids put her shoes on
the bride's daughter looking at her
the bride and her daughter doing eskimo kisses
the groom putting on his shoes
tropical style boutonnieres
congrats sign for the bride and groom
groom helping a groomsmen get ready
the groom buttoning his vest
the groom laughing
the groom's party having a drink
groom's party gifts
groomsman putting the boutonniere on the groom

flower centerpiece
the bride breathing a sigh of relief
bride hugging her friend
bride and her bridesmaid laughing
bride and groom sharing their first touch
bride and groom laughing during their first touch
bride wiping away tears during first touch
bride wiping the groom's tears
the bride wiping her own tears
bride and groom praying together
editorial style wedding party portrait at highland brewing co
bride and groom in dramatic lighting
bride smiling as the groom kisses her head
the bride and groom laughing in the canning room at highland brewing
the groom resting his head on the bride's shoulder
bride and groom kissing in front of beer cans
traditional portrait of the bride and groom in front of flowers
groom kissing brides head in front of flowers
bride and groom laughing in front of flowers
the bride and groom sharing an intimate moment
bridal portrait at sunset
groom holding bride at sunset

Planning/Coordinating: Smash Events

Hair & MU: Della Terra Beauty

Catering: Smash Events

Videography: Red Kat Productions

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