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Jump Off Rock Proposal: H + S

Updated: Feb 26

dramatic lighting portrait of a man picking up his fiance during sunset at jump off rock

One of the first friends we made when we moved to Asheville a little over 4 years ago was Hugo! At the time he was pursuing a lot of photography endeavors and you know how they say birds of a feather flock together so naturally we ended up running into each other after a little while! Once we became friends we were blessed with the opportunity to do a session for Hugo and his son. I remember Hugo joking with me a few times that if he ever met the perfect woman, he would be hitting us up to help capture his proposal. Well thankfully he did end up meeting the perfect woman and her name is Shaina! Seeing him post on facebook here there, we knew he was happy, but when Hugo finally approached us in Starbucks one day and let us know he wanted to propose to Shaina, we knew he had found the one!

It took a couple of months of coordinating and planning so that everything was just right for the big moment! The location was Jump Off Rock and on the day of his proposal to Shaina, much like every other day this winter, the weather was looking iffy at best and it was getting so cold! Thankfully Hugo decided that day was the day and it ended up being perfect for him and Shaina! The clouds in the distance along with the angle of the sun made for some of the coolest sun rays we’ve seen in recent memory. This, combined with the excitement of the moment made for such an awesome engagement session afterwards for these lovebirds!

a man and woman holding hands walking
a man proposing to his girlfriend at jump off rock
man proposing to his girlfriend in hendersonville
engaged couple hugging each other
couple hugging in front of a tree
couple laughing candidly
silhouette of a couple kissing during sunset
engaged couple holding hands in front of the mountains
man picking up his fiance in front of the mountains at sunset
sunset silhouette of a couple kissing in front of the mountains
a couple laughing together as they hold hands side by side
engaged couple sharing an intimate moment during golden hour
a woman wrapping up her fiance from behind
a woman engagement ring on her hand
a man and woman laughing as he holds her from behind

Big congrats again to Hugo and Shaina, it was an honor to be a part of this moment with you guys! Thank you all as always for following along!

Joe and & Jenny

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