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Adventure Proposal near Asheville : J + M

Updated: Feb 12

woman reacting to her boyfriends surprise proposal in the mountains

Adventure proposal? What is that? If you’ve been following us for a while, then you already know the majority of our proposals happen at The Biltmore Estate! While we’ve been doing more and more adventure engagements and elopements throughout the years, proposals have always stayed a little closer to town. Not this past year! In 2020 we had a ton of adventure proposals completely outside of our normal locations! Because there is a lot of coordination and logistics to consider when planning a surprise proposal, choosing a location off of the beaten path is not always the easiest the plan, but when everything comes together it makes it that much sweeter!

Matt’s surprise proposal to Jenny was all of that and more! Due to a busy schedule and trying to make sure everything remained a secret, Matt’s sister reached out to us to help him coordinate! The location he chose was actually at random. We initially thought Matt knew exactly where it was, but fate through a little curveball on the day of (lol). Having already communicated with Matt’s sister a few times as well as talking to Matt on the phone to confirm everything, we were all set. From the research we had previously done on this location (which shall remain a secret) it was fairly easy to get to and navigate. Then when you actually arrive you realize quickly that some instincts were definitely required. There were also two routes on how to get there, both of which obviously required different directions. Surprisingly we did have a phone signal out there and thankfully so as Matt ended up coming the opposite route of us. Having screenshot the directions to ourselves we were able to text Matt through it. Even though he was a few minutes late, it was all in good time. Perfect time really. After all, is it even an adventure if you don’t get a little lost along the way? Matt did eventually arrive and after taking in the beautiful views with Jenny by his side, he hit one knee, and Jenny brought her hands to her face. The rest is history, and a much better story told visually!

man proposing to his girlfriend in the mountains
woman covering her mouth after her boyfriend proposes
man proposing to his girlfriend in the remote mountains
woman reacting to seeing her ring
couple kissing in the mountains
a man kissing his fiance on the temple
a couple looking off into the distance as they hold each other

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