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Romantic Biltmore Proposal : C + G

We could not think of a better way to start the year, and we’re thankful that Christian couldn’t either! This was by far one of our favorite Biltmore proposals in recent times and for multiple reasons! 1) Can you say rainy day romance!? (insert all the heart eyes!) 2) Capturing proposals is always exciting but Gabby’s reaction was priceless and 3) These two were dynamite on camera!

True to it’s unpredictable nature, it was a wet one on the first day of the new year here in Asheville! It’s one of the biggest challenges we often face as photographers in the area. With any other given year we would usually have a back up plan, but with so many restrictions in place with everything going on, we knew we were going to have to play things by ear and deal with whatever the weather threw at us that day! Wouldn’t you know on the way to Christian’s surprise proposal to Gabby, the weather was perfect where we drove from, but once we settled in, it steadily picked up (Umbrellas for the win!). Soon after Christian arrived to the railing in front of the Biltmore Estate with Gabby! The rain worked out perfectly. The spot was completely empty, giving them the privacy and space to really take in the moment. For those of you who’ve visited the Biltmore before, you know this spot is almost never empty! Before we knew it, Christian was down on one knee, and after catching her breath, Gabby said yes!

We hope this one gives you all ‘The Notebook’ feels and you enjoy following along! So many congrats to Christian and Gabby!


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