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The sweetest anniversary session ever!

Updated: Feb 9

a man re-proposing to his wife during their anniversary session

A few weeks ago we were blessed with the opportunity to be a part of one of the sweetest sessions since starting our careers. Strong intro I know, so let’s tell the whole story! A few months ago we connected with Peter. He and his lovely wife of 43 years, Joan, were going to be traveling to the Asheville area this summer and he wanted a portrait session to celebrate their love and their anniversary. As he went on to tell us about what he had in mind and how he wanted to surprise her, we soon realized that this was going to be a little more than our average anniversary session. Peter wanted to start off like a normal session but he wanted somewhere along the lines to surprise Joan by proposing to her again. The spot had to be perfect, and he already had a vision for how he wanted it to be set up and how he wanted everything to go. It was evident to us from the get go how crazy Peter was about Joan and with this, we couldn’t wait to meet them and be a part of this special point in their long journey together. On the day of their session we started out at one of the classiest places in Asheville, The Biltmore Estate. Once we got to actually meet these two and see them together we were truly in awe of the way they loved each other and how they laughed and flirted like 20 somethings who had just met, but it was obvious that their connection went much deeper than that. A few times throughout their session Peter broke into happy tears as we explored the grounds. Once we finished up, it was time to travel to the second part of their session where Peter would soon surprise Joan. He initially told her it was this scenic waterfall location we were headed to off the parkway, and while that part was 100% accurate, he left out the part about the big surprise. Given the logistics and time required to make sure everything was set and ready to go almost an hour away, we recruited our teammate Sarah to help us with the set up. She absolutely nailed it, creating the perfect setting for Peter and Joan. When Joan finally arrived to the location and rounded the corner, her breath was soon taken away and you could see the surprise all over her face. This is the part of our story where there wasn’t a dry eye in the house and as Peter and Joan embraced, you could tell this moment meant a lot to both of them. Arms around each other they soon went down memory lane looking at all of the pictures from years past that Peter had gathered for this special occasion. After Peter hit one knee, Joan was over taken with emotion and these two once again shared their first dance, 43 years later. We hope you enjoy following along on this magnificent love story!

couple smiling at each other framed by the architecture at the biltmore
married couple resting their foreheads on each other
couple holding hands walking through gardens
couple smiling and holding hands
couple holding each other close as they smile
traditional portrait of a couple in the mountains
couple holding hands and walking down a trail
woman reacting to seeing a picnic set up for her
picnic taking her breath away
couple kissing
couple hugging
couple crying together
couple hugging as they cry
couple holding gift that says i love us
couple holding each other close sharing an intimate moment
couple laughing as the wife hugs her husband from behind
couple holding each other watching the sunset

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