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Surprise Biltmore Estate Proposal : J + S

Updated: Feb 9

a man proposing to his girlfriend at biltmore estate

2020 and 2021 have been the years of the proposal! Since moving to Asheville we’ve always worked with a handful of sweet couples every year in helping them capture their surprise proposal. This past year and currently, we have been a part of of a ton! By far one of our favorites was from this past February at The Biltmore Estate when Scott proposed to Jennifer! Scott contacted us a good month in advance of his surprise proposal and you could tell he was so pumped to propose to Jennifer! He already had plans to take her to the The Biltmore the Saturday they were going to be in town, and everything lined up just right. Naturally like it almost always does, the weather gave us a little bit of a scare leading up to their big moment, but in the end we lucked out and it ended up being perfect! These two were every bit as sweet as they were adorable and we had an absolutely amazing time getting to share the morning with them celebrating their engagement! As it oftentimes is, our favorite part of their session was Jennifer’s reaction. There’s a genuine emotion that you just can’t replicate when it comes to this special moment and getting to be small part of that for so many couples is priceless. Jennifer was overcome with joy as the rain trickled down and it could not have made for a more romantic moment! Congrats again to Scott and Jennifer and we hope you all enjoy following along!

woman covering her face as her boyfriend proposes
woman reacting to her boyfriend proposing
biltmore estate proposal
a woman going to hug her boyfriend moments after he proposes
man places a ring on his fiance's finger
a man holding his fiance as kissing her in front of the biltmore
a couple kissing in front of the biltmore
man giving his fiance a rose
woman showing off her ring moments after her proposal at the biltmore
couple kissing under an umbrella
engaged ring sitting on a rose
couple holding hands and walking on a path
couple kissing under an umbrella in front of the architecture at the biltmore
couple jumping together under umbrellas
couple holding hands and walking with umbrellas at the biltmore
traditional portrait of a couple smiling
man kissing his fiance on the temple
couple cuddling close
couple laughing as they sit together
woman smiling as her fiance looks at her

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