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Mountain Wedding at The Parker Mill : C + K

If I could sum up Kay and Carter’s wedding in 3 words, it would be fun, emotional, and family! Their beautiful fall wedding at The Parker Mill was filled with so many memorable moments from beginning to end. We first connected with Kay and Carter at a little vendor meet and greet at their venue back in February of 2021 and we knew from the get go we wanted to work with these cuties! In that short time spent with them that morning you could tell how sweet they both were and the genuine connection they shared. We were stoked when we found out they wanted to work with us as well! Did I mention they were getting married in October?! Best month ever to get married in the mountains for those of you who are thinking about it (no pressure).

When their big day finally arrived, it was perfect! The fall color was just starting to kick in, the light was soft the majority of the day, and the feeling of the day was just as described above. So many little fun and emotional moments were shared throughout the entirety of their day by friends & family alike, as well as each other. I think one of our favorites was when Carter made a little joke during the ceremony and apparently only those close to Kay would’ve gotten it, because there were only a few chuckles, but Kay’s brother laughed uncontrollably for a few seconds (lol). It was one of those jokes where you couldn’t help but laugh along at that point just due to his reaction. Not sure how deep Carter had to dig for that one, but it was totally worth it. From there it was on to one of the most beautiful sunsets we’ve experienced at The Parker Mill! The WNC skies were showing off on this particular evening and that radiant light could only be matched by the electric energy on the dance floor that night! Carter and Kay had a combination of live music and a DJ powered by Sound Extreme and Crocodile Smile and it was one of the few weddings I can remember where EVERYONE was on the dance floor! It’s a story we tell better visually, so without further ado, we hope you enjoy following along!


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