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Nantahala Weddings & Events : J + K

Updated: Jan 27

sunset portrait of the bride and groom standing near lake nantahala

A little west of the always popular Asheville, NC lies a beautiful, lush, mountain wedding venue called Nantahala Weddings & Events! It’s tucked away in the heart of the Nantahala National Forest and sits right beside the beautiful Lake Nantahala. When a lot of newly engaged couples start their search for a wedding venue in WNC, there are a lot of wants and needs. Some want to be by the water, almost of them want a mountain view, and a lot of people want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city where there aren’t any noise ordinances or neighbors to worry about. Nantahala Weddings & Events is one of the few scenic venues to fit all of these perfectly and if you think this sounds amazing, you should just see it in the fall when the leaves start to change!

Our story for Joe and Kim’s wedding day at Nantahala starts right in the middle of fall season and it truly was one of the most beautiful wedding days we were blessed to be a part of this past year! In addition to all of the aforementioned (and gorgeous) scenery, the weather could not have been better for Joe and Kim’s special day. The thing that really stood out to us on their wedding day was the close connections Kim and Joe shared with their family and friends! From the moment we arrived we hit the ground running for an action packed wedding day full of fun! I know from my perspective walking in and meeting Joe for the first time, it was immediately like hanging with old friends and I’m pretty sure I got invited to have a drink twice in the first 20 minutes. My kind of dudes for sure! I typically don’t partake on wedding days because I’m a lightweight, but for everyone else, it was bottoms up, good times, and nonstop laughs from beginning to end. Looking back, I think our favorite part of Joe and Kim’s wedding day besides theses lovelys crushing their couples portraits at sunset, was the reception. Our friends at Rock Bottom Entertainment got the party going and it didn’t slow down all night! For anybody whose been following our work for a while, you know we love the people and we love to see them be themselves when the lights get low! Joe and Kim and their loved ones did just that and it was definitely one we won’t soon forget!

Big congrats to Joe and Kim, a special thank you to all of the amazing vendors who help to make their day perfect and as always we hope you all enjoy following along!


lake nantahala wedding and events ceremony setting

fall color in the mountains at the ceremony site

fall wedding ceremony space at Nantahala weddings and events

bridal details of shoes and bouquet

reflection shot of the bride receiving her final make up touches

mother of the bride helping her with her final touches

the bride putting on her shoes

the bride looking at herself in the mirror as she puts in her earrings

bride approaching her father for a first look

the father of the bride hugging the bride during their first look

golden light photos of the bride and bridesmaids

bridal portrait in the fall colored forest

the groom smiling in the mirror as he puts on his vest

the groom's mother smiling at him as he finishes up his tie

mother of the groom helping him with his collar

the groomsmen cheering for a shot

the groomsmen hugging the groom

the groomsmen being goofy

shot of the groom's party all wearing sunglasses

Traditional portrait of the groom's party

groom's party showing off their jackets

the groomsmen relaxing with a dog

wedding guests hugging

brother of the groom with his arm around the groom before the ceremony

the groom kissing his mother on the cheek

the groom hugging his father

the groom watching the bride walk down the aisle

the bride's parents walking her down the aisle

the groom laughing as the bride says something to him

fall wedding ceremony at nantahala weddings and events

mother of the groom crying during the ceremony

bride and groom high five during the ceremony

bride and groom sharing their first kiss at nantahala weddings and events

parents of the bride and groom hugging after the ceremony

bridal party celebrating while popping champagne

the bridal party being goofy

traditional portrait of the bride and groom smiling in front of fall foliage

cliffside bridal portrait

bride and groom resting foreheads on each other

dramatic lighting portrait of the bride and groom near the water

bride and groom making smores

the groom feeding the bride a piece of cake

the bride and groom smiling during their sparkler exit

Bride and groom kissing on the dance floor while surrounded by sparklers

the groom twirling the bride during their first dance

the bride smiling as the groom holds her close during their first dance

mother son dance

mother son dancing

father daughter dance

the bride raising a bottle of liquour

bride and groom dancing

wedding guests having fun

bride and her sister dancing

dance floor party

groom dip kissing the bride on the dance floor

two wedding guests chugging a beer

the groom shaking his butt on the bride

Planning/Coordinating: All the things Events

Hair & Make up: Powder Me Pretty

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