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Parker Mill Wedding : J + A

Updated: Feb 5

groom kissing bridge on the cheek in front of the mountains

Two words comes to mind when I think back to Andie and Jake’s wedding at The Parker Mill! Fun & party! This was one of those wedding days we’re going to look back on and smile for many years to come. From the “IT” hand coming down the aisle to Andie gluing her fingers together before the ceremony (long story), their wedding day was full of non-stop laughter from beginning to end. For us I think the ultimate “lol’ moment was on top of the mountain and doing some of their golden hour portraits because who doesn’t love a Panda bride? (just keep scrolling, it will all make sense later).

Then there was the wedding reception! The Parker Mill is known for it’s beautiful views of the mountains but one thing we’ve noticed from shooting there a lot this year, it should definitely be known for its parties! I feel like every couple we’ve worked with there has had an epic reception. When the sun finally went down, Andie and Jake’s was no exception! All of their family and friends brought their A-game and rocked the night away! It was a wedding we were so stoked to be a part of and one you definitely don’t want to miss, so scroll onward my friends, and enjoy!

bride laughing with her bridesmaid
bride getting hairspray
bride laughing with her bridesmaids
bride laughing while friend helps her with her hand
bride cheering with her mom
bride's mother helping her with her dress in the bathroom
bridesmaids reacting to seeing the bride for the first time in her dress
bride showing off her dress
bride's dog waiting outside for her
bride loving on her dog
dramatic groom's party portrait
groom and best man walking down the aisle
bride and groom's dog walking down the aisle
bride's father walking her down the aisle
bride's father walking her down the aisle with a fake hand
groom crying during bride's walk down the aisle
bride laughing while holding the groom's hands
mountain wedding ceremony at the parker mill
bride and groom's dog watching them at the end of aisle
bride and groom looking at each other during the wedding ceremony
bride and groom both crying during the wedding ceremony
bride and groom sharing their first kiss in front of the mountains
bride and groom celebrating after their wedding ceremony
groom hugging his mother
candid of groom laughing
traditional portrait of bride and groom with their dog
bride and groom smiling with their dog
wedding party portrait in front of barn doors
groom's party portrait in front of the barn doors
bridal party laughing
bride being twirled by groom
bride and groom showing off dance moves
bride and groom dipping on the dance floor
maid of honor reading speech
groom and bride laughing during wedding toast
best man giving speech
bride cutting through a paper heart
groom picking up bride while she laughs
bride laughing while groom gives her a piggy back
bride and groom laughing
bride and groom wearing character heads
bride spinning in her wedding dress
bride and groom kissing in front of the mountains at sunset
bride and groom laughing during golden hour
bride caressing groom in closely
bride and groom kissing in the middle of s sunburst
traditional portrait of bride and groom
bride smiling as she gets a piggy back from the groom
groom kissing bride on the cheek during sunset
night time portrait with floating lanterns
night time wedding reception at the parker mill
groom being tossed into the air
the groom picking up the bride on the dance floor
bride and groom smiling during their sparkler exit
bride and groom kissing in the back of a rolls royce

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