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Parker Mill Wedding : J + B

Brett and Julianne’s wedding at The Parker Mill was easily one of our favorites from this past year! On top of all of the beautiful scenery that comes with their amazing venue, we instantly felt like we hit it off with these two. From day one it was nothing but seemingly nonstop laughs and jokes. I think at one point during our initial call with them, we all realized we talked and laughed for about 90% of the conversation and it had hardly anything to do with their wedding, always a good sign. We also got to see these cuties for their engagement session prior to their big day and they picked up right where we left off. Brett was hilarious and thought it would be a funny idea to bring a unique prop for some of their photos. If anyone remembers “Scary Movie 2” from back in the day, then you’ll definitely remember ‘the strong hand’ scene. Yep, Brett brought his own strong hand and I will say, the hardest thing about incorporating it into the photos was just nailing focus because he and I couldn’t stop laughing. I’m sure by this point Jenny and Julianne thought we both needed professional help. All in all, great times for their engagement session at Craggy Gardens and a fresh reminder that your engagement photos don’t have to be too serious. Have some fun with it and be you!

If any of that helped foreshadow what’s to come, then you already know it was an awesome wedding day! Brett and Julianne’s friends & fam helped them take things to another level. From one of the groomsman’s rental pants being about 6 inches too short, to a high energy dance floor, to all of the beautiful moments in between it was a day we won’t soon forget and one we hope you’ll enjoy following along on! Big congrats again to Brett and Julianne!



Venue: The Parker Mill

Planning/Coordinating: Avail Weddings

Photo Booth: JCM Photography

DJ: Sound Extreme

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