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Summer Wedding The Vineyards at Betty's Creek : C + J

Updated: Jan 29

bride and groom holding hands and smiling at each other

If you’re looking for a little summer wedding inspiration, then look no further than Josh and Casey’s wedding day here at The Vineyards at Betty’s Creek! Nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains that we are blessed to call home, The Vineyards at Betty’s Creek is another one of our absolute favorite wedding venues in WNC! Located just an hour west of the always popular Asheville, NC, The Vineyard’s at Betty’s Creek is such a dreamy location for photographers and couples alike. The combo of vineyards & mountain views make this setting hard to beat but throw in all the character of their lodging and variety of their landscape and it’s easy to see why so many of our couples fall in love with this venue!

Josh and Casey initially contacted us about 16 months out from their big day! It was apparent from the get go how special this day would be to them. Especially since a lot of Josh’s family and close friends would be traveling from the UK to be in attendance. It was going to be a multi day celebration with a rehearsal dinner, welcome BBQ, and finally their wedding day! We always love when our couples have this option to really make things last for a few days and soak in all the quality time with friends and family. Having been on the opposite end of that for our wedding day, we know the stress that can come with not being able to spend enough time with your loved ones who traveled hours to be there. When the day of their welcome BBQ finally arrived, we were just getting settled back in from being in Wyoming all summer. It was a stark contrast from the dry dessert coming back to the lush greenery and oh yeah rain! It felt like there was a stretch of time where every wedding in NC had rain for a couple months. Thankfully things stayed clear for the majority of Josh and Casey’s wedding weekend. The BBQ was also the first time got a chance to connect with Josh and Casey in person which is always exciting for us! Casey welcomed us both with a big hug and instantly made us feel like one of the crew. We could tell from the overall vibe and energy that we were going to be in for a fun celebration with her and Josh. As the wine flowed, live acoustic music hit the air, and generations of family laughed together, we snuck these two away for a few couples portraits as the sun was going down. Instant chemistry on camera and we were stoked for the next day!

That same feeling carried over into their wedding day and the good times continued to roll! Even with the weather giving a bit of a scare just prior to their ceremony, I don’t think I ever saw Casey or Josh get stressed once! The little bit of cloud cover made for a perfectly soft lit wedding and before you knew it, these two said I do! It was one that we were sad to see end but one that we are so grateful to have been a part of! We hope you enjoy following along and big congrats to Casey and Josh and their families!


wedding ceremony site under a tree at The Vineyards at Betty's creek

mountain inspired wedding cake

pink and white bridal details

bride grabbing her dress

fun bridal party photo before the ceremony

bride's mother and sister helping her with her dress

maid of honor helping the bride with her shoes

the bride's father waiting for their first look

the bride and her father seeing each other for the first time in her dress

the bride hugging her father

groomsman helping the groom put on his jacket

the groom button his jacket in the window light

editorial style groomsmen portrait

groomsmen portrait

the groom waiting on the bride for the first look

the groom smiling as the bride approaches him from behind

the bride and groom smiling together after their first look

the groom and bride holding hands during their first looks

the groom holding the bride as she wipes away a tear

bride and groom kissing

groom reading his vows during first look

bride and groom's hands holding their vow books

the bride laughing during their vow reading

bride and groom reading vows in front of Betty's cellar

bride and groom laughing

the groom holding the bride closely while kissing her head

bridal portrait of the bride in the window of betty's cellar

layered portrait of the bride looking back at the groom

bride and groom kissing on a bridge

bride and groom holding hands and looking at each other on a bridge

bride smiling as she looks down

bride and groom holding hands and standing on a bridge

bridal portrait of the bride looking over her shoulder

bridesmaids and bride getting low for some fun photos

bridesmaids smiling at the bride

bride and bridesmaids walking across a bridge

close up bride and bridesmaids backs

full bridal party portrait under some trees

bride and bridesmaids walking under some trees

the groom kissing the bride's temple by some flowers

bride and groom holding hands and walking down a nature path

wedding guests standing under umbrellas

grandmothers sitting underneath an umbrella

wedding guests smiling while seated and awaiting the ceremony

groom and his mother walking down the aisle

ring bearers walking down the aisle

the bride riding in on a horse and carriage

bride's parents walking her down the aisle

bride smiling during the wedding ceremony processional

groom smiling as the bride walks down the aisle

bride hugging her mother after walking down the aisle

bride and groom holding hands during the wedding ceremony

bride and groom holding hands under the arbor during the ceremony

wedding ceremony at the vineyards at betty's creek

bride and groom framed between barrels during the wedding ceremony

bride and groom laughing while holding hands

groom dip kissing the bride for their first kiss

the bride laughing as they walk back down the aisle

the bride and groom holding hands and walking away from the ceremony

bride and groom hugging relatives after the ceremony

bride hugging her grandmother after the wedding ceremony

taco and burger appetizers

slider burger appetizer

smirnoff ice for the bride and groom

groom dip kissing bride in front of the mountains

bride and groom smiling as they receive a gift

bride and groom laughing at their sweetheart table

bride and groom chugging a drink

father daughter dance

mother son dance

the bride dancing with guests

action packed dance floor

bridesmaid having fun on the dance floor

wedding guests showing off his moves

bridesmaid dancing with her boyfriend

mother and father of the bride dancing

bride and her friends getting low on the dance floor

bride and groom slow dancing

A special thank you to all of the vendors who helped to make this day amazing!

Planning/Coordinating: Plain With Sprinkles

Dessert: Farm to Cake

Hair and Make up: AnaRie

Horse & Carriage: Priceless Carriage Company

Mirror Lettering: Freckles + Ink

Transportation: High Country Travel

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