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Weddings: How to get the perfect first look!

It would seem easy enough, but it takes a little strategy to make sure you execute this shot just right! For those who are unfamiliar with "the first look", it can be one of the most cherished and memorable moments from a couple's' entire wedding. Though it is slightly non-traditional because the bride and groom see each other prior to the ceremony, it is becoming more and more popular amongst many couples tying the knot on their big day! There are a few key elements to make sure you get just the right look and details that you are likely going for and we are going to talk about them below.

The set up: You want to pick a particular spot that you like for the scenic or sentimental value but also a spot that is calm enough to allow the first look to unfold without interruptions. Pictured above, we had just the perfect spot for Mike on his wedding day at Christopher Place Resort. He was able to reflect and have a little bit of peace during the usual pre-wedding rush. At this point it's good to give the the groom whose obviously nervous a little space, or even get him talking about something else to calm him down, but if he's calm, cool, and collected, you can keep the conversation casual or be a fly on the wall.

The arrival: Now that the groom is in place, we have to get his soon to be better half! This is where having two photographers helps tremendously as Jenny can coordinate with me while I hang with the fellas and we can make sure the process is seamless. This can take a little bit of consideration of the route, the timing, and is the groom even in place yet? Once everything is in place, we can make sure she approaches, butterflies and all. Pictured above, Lauren is on her way to surprise Michael as he can only imagine how pretty she looks at this moment. This one was also special as their family & friends got to be a part of the action.

The reveal: Now she's just a few feet away, and you say to him, "How about you turn around and see your beautiful bride," and the reaction can sometimes be all smiles, tears of joy, or a little bit of both, but pure happiness & delight is the ultimate, as pictured above when Michael got to see Lauren for the first time in her dress.

It's always a plus having Jenny and I there as we are able to capture different perspectives of the same moment! This is always something we strive for as different angles, different lighting direction, and different artist's perspectives can really give a dynamic feel when you look back on the album of your entire day.

Last, we have The Embrace: At this moment the groom reaches out for his bride, and she reaches back. Coming together in a warm loving embrace that is usually unmatched by the rest of the day's events. But don't take our word for it, just look at Michael and Lauren as they give life to what we describe and truly depict why it is we love to do what we do.

Follow these simple guidelines and you too will be on your way to capturing moments like ones pictured above <3

-Joe & Jenny

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