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Glenn & Trichelle's Beautiful Biltmore Engagement

We’ve been so busy with weddings since the onset of fall that we didn’t know if we would ever get to blog again (lol). But we were finally able to carve out some time to tell you about one of our favorite engagement sessions from this season! We always put a piece of our heart and soul into every photo session with every amazing couple and they all hold a special place in our heart. This one stood out to us for many reasons and we felt like sharing more about the beautiful journey that we had with Glenn and Trichelle.

First off, we always love to get to know the couples we work with leading up to their session. It is so important to what we do that it’s not uncommon for Jenny and I to meet with a couple a few times before their wedding or engagement session to really get a feel for who they are and what they are looking for. Many times due to distance, we are limited to phone, emails, or Facetime, but nonetheless, the communication process is so key. I would say on average leading up to an engagement session or surprise proposal, we will exchange at least 10 or 15 emails. Glenn, blew that number out of the water. By the time we actually got to meet them for the first time and capture their amazing moment, we exchanged over 55 emails. Now before you say “that’s crazy!” consider this. Glenn was coordinating a surprise proposal from states away, for his girlfriend (now fiance) who lives out of the country, in a town he wasn’t too familiar with, at a place he had never been (The Biltmore), while trying to get a feel on what he was looking for in a photographer to make sure there was no way this was going to go wrong. We coordinated the hours, timing, exact location, considered different ideas, at different times, all the while being considerate that it could all change at any time if Trichelle did not get her passport! A lot of variables, but in the end it all worked out and it could not have been more perfect!

We arrived early to get set up, test the lighting, and make sure we had the exact angles Glenn wanted. After waiting with nervous excitement for about 15 minutes, Jenny and I saw Glenn and Trichelle strolling hand in hand from the lush green tree line at the top of the hill that looks down on the Biltmore (one of the most beautiful sites in Asheville if we may say so!). Soon after, Glenn hit one knee and in that moment where your love, hopes, future and dreams hang on a yes or no, Trichelle said yes and Glenn’s expression was priceless as he wrapped his future wife in his arms. Soon after, he yelled aloud joyfully “She said yes!!!”

As we moved around to different spots to capture the connection between these two, we felt privileged to be in the presence of such love. We soon learned that Glenn had earned his Bachelor’s in mathematics and Masters in Analytics. Being a man who clearly believes in processes and a sure thing, all the emails made complete sense! Trichelle lives in the islands but eventually plans to move here. One of the things that we found so inspiring being a married couple of 5 years was the deep and mature relationship between Glenn and Trichelle as they are both young and have been able to grow their bond even with the challenge of a long distance relationship. Getting to spend an evening with them was such an absolute pleasure in every way and we both felt so blessed to have been a part of their moment in time.

- Joe & Jenny

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