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Exploring Wisconsin!

It was fun getting to travel to Wisconsin for Nick & Carly’s beautiful wedding! Yes, we drove, no it wasn’t that bad! We’re used to making the trip to Florida from Asheville a few times per year for family & winter weddings but having gotten accustomed to that 10 hour drive mentally prepared us for the just over 11 hour drive to Wisconsin from Asheville.

As one would expect, we arrived late night and missed the majority of, if not all of the Chicago traffic (thank God!). Once we woke up we decided to check out one of the local coffee shops called Stone Creek Coffee! Perfect way to start the day might we add! It was a trendy little shop that allowed us to get some much needed editing time in! The staff was super nice and were totally cool with us taking a few shots! Of course as always, Jenny embraced her inner artist and left her mark. In between editing images I enjoyed sipping on the Mexican mocha (spicy!).

After starting our day off right, we headed to downtown Delafield! Delafield is a quaint town (population just over 7000) and we walked around every inch of downtown for about 2 hours checking out all of the local shops! Downtown had a charming small town feel, similar to that of Biltmore Village but a little less touristy and a little more old school. Three things we definitely noticed about Delafield: 1) The community itself was ever present as everyone we ran into whether in a local store or on the street was super nice! We even got invited for a round of brews by complete strangers 2) This is an outdoor community and we totally wish we would of brought our bikes on this trip! 3) They love their beer and cheese, both of which we indulged in!

Though exploring Delafield was a short day trip for us, it was a perfect way to spend the day before our wedding with Carly & Nick! (blog from wedding to follow soon!)

-Joe & Jenny


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